U-He Repro 5 Vs Softube Model 80 - Blind Test Comparisons + Settings to Match Them

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Did you guys miss how cheap they sold Model 82 a few days ago? 20 bucks or something. If they don't discount it that much i won't buy it. lol


Model 82 always was cheaper than Model 80. Cost 99 € regular, and, they did quite a few sales for 49 €. But, Model 72 and 80 never were that cheap.


Urs wrote: Wed May 31, 2023 8:50 am Coming soon!
I know I've asked this question on September 1, but that was six months ago, so I guess it wouldn't be rude to ask again every six months.

Are we close to the day when we can send audio to Repro to use its effects section on vocals and such? Basically input audio for Repro? Thanks Urs.

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