Export, custom data, thumbnail loading and VST2

The KVR Studio Manager Public Beta



Oh my hod, THANK YOU. I was literally contamplaiting writing this very thing myself. Here are two features that I was planning to add to my version of this very same idea:

...when you go re-install the machine of something, it could be nice to have this list (sorted the way you like) exported as an excel spreadsheet or as a simple text-file. It's also handy to have an off-line copy on hand. Just in case.

Custom data
I personally keep a whole folder structure of receipts and paypal confirmations in case anybody asks. I also keep any data or license files in that folder structure. It would be awesome to be able to link those folders to those table rows, so I have a quick shortcut to a keyfile or a receipt straight from the app.

VST2 scanning would be cool as well. Yet not mandatory these days I think.

Also I have found a bug. Scrolling of the list halts a little when thumbnails are loaded for the first time. If my assumption is correct and this is written in JUCE, this thumbnail loading would be perfect for some ThreadPool action.

Btw I just wrote this post using the program. I love it already!!! <3
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