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Hallo, I am new here, looking for opinion

Mcdsp 6050/6060 channel strip (has the most options), Filterbank (best workflow), or Active Eq (modern features : Dynamics, etc) if you have to pick one to work with for the next two years? I demoed them but even after 14 trial days I can't make clear decision. My heart lean to filterbank for its quick workflow and the detail I can get for low and high end. However, I worry that I have missed something really valuable about 6050/6060 and active eq beside the obvious they can do more.
I am a beginner so for me filter bank has faster learning curve and easy to work with, but if in the future my knowledge increase will I still favour the same thing? I feel like mixing is not just about job is done but way deeper like piece of artwork. I am a bit scared of complex plugins because too many choices can be good early on but tiring the next day. I don't know. help.


If you're a beginner I would recommend using whatever combination of EQ and compressor that gets you there faster and easier.

A mixture of TDR SlickEQ, Nova, Molotok, and Kotelnikov, plus Jon V's FirComp (all free) will probably work and sound better than 99% of paid options. The paid GE editions of all of the TDR plugs add some nice features too.

All of them sound incredible and are (mostly) easy to use. Heck, you could probably use those as your main channel strip for the rest of your life and be ok.


I think McDSP plugins are fantastic and underappreciated by many people. With all the countless plugin options avaliable to you, is there any particular reason why you've chosen to go with these plugins by McDSP?


I have used Filterbank for over 20 years and probably will use it for 20 more, if I'm still alive.
I have all Mcdsp EQs and honestly, rarely do I use other ones. Filterbank gets me anywhere I need to go, and if I need something else, I usually pick a PSP eq for more color.
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@Danilo Villanova : I tried TDR and had in my mind to have them as my main plugins. However, somehow on my system (I use logic), I often get issues where logic say "audio unit reported a problem", which after I use Mcdsp. the problem rarely happen. Other than mcdsp, Softube, and Arturia are the other plugins rarely have an issue with my Logic Pro. I choose Mcdsp at the end because it's really efficient with the cpu. I did a lots of test, Mcdsp has the least moment where the problem occurs.

@clivestretch : I choose mcdsp for its efficiency on cpu and the reason I wrote to reply Danilo above.
@ escalona : yes, that is how I wanna be, understand in and out one eq plugin and use it as long as possible. Nice to hear you can use filter bank that long, tells me that it can be a dependable eq.

Can dynamic EQ (ae600) replace the use of compressor? not for its flavour, but just pure for its function to control loudness?
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If you use Logic you already have a whole suite of EQs (from most transparent digital, to vintage flavours) and all the types of compressors (including multiband) as stock plugins.

Beginners and pros alike ofter overlook the stock plugins but Logic's compete with some of the most expensive premium ones. And they are arguably the most optimised for the platform.

Do give them a go before jumping into paid options.
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You are right, but I need to also have paid plugins. the reason is so I will be able to hear the difference between one to another plugins. I have no clue what is the difference that people talk about among plugins. They sound the same to me, but then I ask myself is it my ears not good enough to distinguish the difference? I need to do it myself to know. I feel like it will take times for me to hear the difference so that's why the plugins need to also be optimised for long term use. Honestly, for sure I am biased already now because I really like mcdsp plugin somehow. My reasoning already tainted..

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