Architect syncing to external midi clock

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Has anyone had experience syncing Architect to external midi clock?

I've been experimenting but having bad luck with it. I use the ERM-Multiclock that is generating a very stable clock from an audio signal out of Cubase. All my other synths and h/w devices sync perfectly to this and are able to stay precisely in time with the Cubase timeline. Unfortunately, Architect starts off well but then the sync gradually drifts until after about 40/50 bars at 120bpm things start to lag so much that it begins to resemble swing. Architect as a vst in Cubase has no such issues with timing of course but I'm kind of compelled to run it standalone as the performance is very different vs VST. I get all kinds of CPU spikes when running larger projects in VST mode but in standalone it suffers no such problems. @Colin, do you have any ideas on this?


Currently solving via email. Once we have a solution, I'll update this post with any relevant details.
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