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the philantropic easter orchestra cannot be loaded the normal way?

busy right now, but later,
i'll try to find the "SF2" button to load it that way
be back next saturday to report what happens

thanks very much chopen :tu:
ah böwakawa poussé poussé


i could not load the philantropic easter orchestra via the SF2 button too
ah böwakawa poussé poussé


Sorry Harryupbabble for not responding in all this time. I simply must not receive messages by email. I simply have to activate the email notification for this thread ! I've been very busy lately with music lessons and synthedit updates to version 0.20 hoping it will be better this time. Recognition of a SF2 directory makes it much easier for opening the appropriate Player now... :tu:

HyperStoniK V.0.20 :
  • StoniK V.0.20 with the soundbank updated !! (1.97 Go compressed and 4.70 Go uncompressed including 4.59 Go of sound and the software HyperStoniK).
Philantropic Easter Orchestra has been seriously corrected. All sounds have been revised and the double bass category has been added.
I started a new sound bank dedicated to SFZ (just only one 'multilayer' instrument for the moment) : 'Pataphysis Premium' [Demo] (work in progress...)


So, I have just compiled a new version to resolve a lot of problems with the graphics and the orchestral sounds among others. The SFZ Player Work very fine now. There is no longer any CPU consumption problem with the SFZ Player and the XP_HyperStoniK.vst3 version (which is by far the best version) but not yet compatible in Standalone (maybe i must compiled another one with Juice but it's complicate for me actually with my knowledge)

Just see the changelog :

* µpdate 0.21 (03/16/2024)
  • The SFZ player is now CPU friendly (separation of internal audio streams)
  • 'Modwheel FX' are activated where midi gate to consume less CPU
  • Fix & Improvement of 'Philantropic Easter Orchestra'
    * (Root key +12 on the majority of instruments due to a pitch error after replacing the sounds after normalizing to raise the sound level)
  • Fixed names in Modwheel FX
  • Options 'Rectify Neg' (to not go below the pitch of the engaged note) and 'Midi Gate' (to activate the Oscillators only in case of Midi Gate)
    additionally in the 'Modwheel FX' options
    * Don't forget to activate Midi Gate option for limit CPU consumption
  • Bringing the Edit CC pop-up to the forefront
  • Fix transposition to midi in
  • Creation of a [STONIK_KEYCOLOR] in SF2 with a program and bank number if necessary
  • Vibrato (in Pitch Shifter) and Master effect bus on SFZ
  • 'Midi Gate' correction (polyphonic) on Master and Modwheel effects
  • Improvement of the new soundbank 'Pataphysis Part.3 [Premium]' in work in progress.
    * New 'Baby Grand' instrument and better dosage of sound power linked to multilayer velocity
  • Fix bug due to 'midi in' Pitchbend messages (these messages don't modify the index note now)
  • Add an option 'Pitch_down simulated' to the SFZ Player panel (just Pitch_up if not activate) [On XP_HyperStoniK.vst3 only]
This will not be the last update, rest assured... Just to show the evolution of the project and soon a WEB page dedicated to the project on my blog I promise you :wink: ...
All the link are in the preedent post (& the KVR page of course)


this is the best update so far, chopen :tu:
everything seems to work now
thanks very much

i can load the philantropic easter orchestra soundbank now
so, all soundbanks are loadable

the standalone version works
the vst2 and vst3 versions are all working in reaper
the xp version is not working (this computer is not windows xp though)
but i do have an xp computer and i'll just presume it will work there

will be downloading future updates
ah böwakawa poussé poussé


did you place the entire 'XP_HyperStoniK.vst3' directory in the correct vst3 directory? I will try to create an installer for the future update. It works well for me. Do you have problems with 'HyperStoniK_VST3' too?


XP = Experimental (not Windows XP 😅)


Hy guys,

New version of HyperStoniK in 0.22 !

Sorry for delay. I had hoped to finish this before Easter but I had some problems with the last update which was not really what I had announced. This version is truly a major update which marks a considerable turning point in the evolution of HyperStoniK. You can now view the 'Sample display' with SFZ files (All-in-one .wav files). I am making enormous progress in handling sfz scripts and soon, everything that is common to the WAV format will be common to SFZ (Pitch setting , ADSR, LOOP, REVERSE, ALT... on the next version !)

XP_HyperStoniK.vst3 is now well mastered and fits well into a DAW without without consuming too much CPU resources...

Same links that the previous announcement !

and one more link for SoundDebug 2.113 which generates WAV to SFZ scripts (with a new feature 'ALL_In_One (all *.wav compiled into a single *.wav file) to SFZ' and LOAD more easily all recognize files of Midi Mobiles instruments as far as possible...

I now have to update all the soundbanks to make them compatible with PiKTrix and HyperStoniK and arrange everything properly on my blog! (still a lot of work to do then) :pray:

in the meantime, here is some documentation (also updated for this latest version) Good reading ! and see you soon for the next update... :wink:


Hello to all interested. I'm taking advantage of my free time to post a new update

I mixed my SoundDebug project with the StoniK_[v.0.23].rar package to make it easier to get started. Everything becomes easier, I improve SFZ scripts to unlock new functions with the SFZ player. See the list of corrections in the ChangeLog (_read_me.txt).

I separated the SF2 instruments to make the project a little lighter (downloadable from another link). You can possibly mix the 2 directories [STONIK_SOUNDBANK] into one...

A little more maintenance and the project will soon be visible on the Midi Mobiles site with all compatible soundbanks...

For the moment, everything is visible from this link :
https://www.kvraudio.com/product/hypers ... di-mobiles

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