Certain "Major" Updates should be regarded as "Separate" Versions/Forks of These Plugins

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Just tried out the current public beta and have come across issues for certain plugins, where major updates require being treated as effectively "separate" versions of such plugins, since multiple versions of these plugins will need to remain installed on devices for reasons of backwards compatibility with existing projects.

For example: Pro-Q 2 and Pro-Q 3

FabFilter - Major Version Updates.png

The KSM currently believes that the installed and latest version of Pro-Q 2 (v2.2.7.0) should be updated to v3.25.

But that is incorrect. Since, Pro-Q 2 will never be updated to v3.25, because that is an entirely separate plugin, Pro-Q 3.

Both plugins need to be installed on devices for backward compatibility of projects.

i.e. Pro-Q 2 will never have an available update of v3.25, although it will likely get updates of v2.2.8.0 and higher (as it has done for several years) and is FabFilter's policy to continue supporting such older products for several years before being discontinued entirely.

Also, KSM will need to become a bit more sophisticated to learn that, when a device has multiple previous "Major" versions of plugins installed, (which must remain so, for project backward compatibility).

Another example, see the following Pianoteq screen capture.

Pianoteq - Major Version Updates.png

Clearly, Pianoteq 8 is already updated to the latest version 8.2.0, and it is obvious that this user would not therefore want to install/replace their existing installations of Pianoteq 6 and Pianoteq 7 with v8.2.0 (which is not even relevant or available for those versions of the plugin).

Some further options are going to be required to implement into KVR Studio Manager, to allow more sophisticated cross-referencing of such plugins, or user-customization thereof, before this can be released officially.
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We have added support for max previous major version to the back-end. Older plugins will be flagged as and when we can determine the appropriate max version to set.

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