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Hey everyone!

We are happy to introduce STRIKEFORCE 2!

STRIKEFORCE 2 is a modern cinematic percussion library, proudly continuing the legacy of the original STRIKEFORCE. It serves as the next-level evolution of Laboratory Audio’s flagship cinematic percussion, the library that initiated it all.
A massive assortment of expressive ensembles, complimented by matching solo drums for an abundance of variation.

145 brand new patches!

75 Unique ensembles

58 Solo Drums

Large drums, small drums, it’s all there. Presented in our intuitive 5-octave layout (you get 5 tunings of each drum) with 6 velocities and 16rr’s spread out over an octave. None of these patches are your run-of-the-mill percussion. They’re all custom-built and uniquely designed for percussion sound that can’t be easily be pinpointed of its origin. We even have a few “insanity ensembles” on tap, with more players than ever thought possible.

For Strikeforce 2 we went to “The Church” Nashville Oceanway Studios. The mixing options include a more punchy up front CLOSE mix, as well as an epic cinematic hall for the FAR mix. These mixes seamlessly blend via the mod wheel, offering great flexibility.
Featuring super playable solos and meticulously curated ensemble patches, STRIKEFORCE 2 offers a diverse palette of sounds. It’s important to clarify that STRIKEFORCE 2 is not a replacement for STRIKEFORCE but rather a continuation with a unique distinct sound palette. Basically, SF2 starts where SF1 ends.

Our ensemble patches truly stand out as a highlight. With a single MIDI track, you can effortlessly achieve a lush ensemble sound, eliminating the need to layer numerous individual tracks. From a mixing perspective, they offer a beautifully expansive cinematic stereo image

It’s our sincere hope that STRIKEFORCE 2 will inspire you!


Tobias and Thor

Existing Users of Original SF can use their serial number as coupon to get a one time 15% discount on SF2 (offer ends by end of month)

For all new customers, take advantage of a 10% discount on STRIKEFORCE 2, priced at $440 (regularly $489). Additionally, save an extra 15% on the full bundle of STRIKEFORCE 1 and 2, priced at $704.73 (regularly $878), offer ends by end of month.


Here is the demo track "Grains of Destiny" using several of the 145 total instruments available in Strikeforce 2!

These instruments are build for performance, with Big and Medium drums all come loaded with 16 Round Robins per 6 Dynamic layers, with other miscellaneous percussion using 16-32 round robins each!



I would like to see a decent arpeggiator with presets added to this.


Hello dblock!

Any arpeggiator housed inside your DAW will work!

View Strikeforce 2 and the Logic Arpeggiatory here!


LaboratoryAudio wrote: Mon May 27, 2024 6:02 am Hello dblock!

Any arpeggiator housed inside your DAW will work!

View Strikeforce 2 and the Logic Arpeggiatory here!
:dog: Thanks for that guys. I already upgraded to Strikeforce 2 but I didn't realize there was an arp inside Studio One or considered a 3rd party arp (though I still think adding one to Strikeforce would only make it even better to be honest.) Checking out arps now.


dblock- Fantastic!

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