Dm chord Sounds Like a Train Horn on Melodicas

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Ever since I got my first melodica, I noticed that it was possible to emulate train horns (aka hornblasters) with it. I immediately thought it would be fun to release a few samples of these sounds.

I think the Dm chord is particularly convincing. In this video, it’s heard played twice on 5 different melodicas. Other chords and combinations of notes give good results too and they are included in my Patreon Reward sample pack 40.
It’s a collection of 106 one-shot samples (43.3 MB) and not an extensive multi-sampled pack. Not all the keys have been sampled, only some of the chords that reminds me of train horns. A few short phrases are included too. I have also added 14 toy train whistle samples.

The 5 sampled melodicas are shown in the video.
Yamaha P-25F: mid-priced, excellent, 25 keys
Cahaya CY0050: very affordable, 32 keys
Hammond PRO-44 HPv2: high-end, extended keyboard, 44 keys
Yamaha P-37D: mid-priced, excellent, 37 keys
Hammond PRO-24B: high-end, bass melodion, 24 keys

They’re all melodicas but note that Hammond and Suzuki brand for their instruments is Melodion, and Yamaha brand is Pianica.

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