What’s the best Arp VST?

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RandARP 1.36 / Reaper: Holding a chord for 10 secs or so: The ARP is stopping. Bug?
EDIT: solved (user error).



It's not exactly an Arp but IMO it's better because it plays the DAW sequences in the scale of played chords. Free version allows two instances per project.


Xfer Cthulhu


Bleass Arpeggiator is an excellent straight up arp.


Please check out SynthMaster 3. Each layer has its own Sequencer followed by an Arpeggiator. and you can send the MIDI generated by the seq/arp out.
Works at KV331 Audio
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Hello. Does any of the VSTs mentioned in this thread support retriggering a step when you change the note midway through the step while continuing the sequence? I know BlueARP doesn't and having watched all Stepic tutorials I don't think Stepic can do this either.

Ok, this sounds a bit cryptic perhaps, let me explain. There's this piece "Equinoxe 7" by Jean-Michel Jarre (although the technique is also used in Equinoxe 5, Equinoxe 6, Magnetic Fields 1, Magnetic Fields 4 and many of his other, esp. early pieces).

Basically the bass is an 8th note pattern that goes like this "C1 C1 C2 * C1 C2 * C2" (* means that the C2 is a quarter note). However, the second C2 has a trill on it, which would be done by continously holding the C1 (while the above sequence is running) and quickly hitting B♭0 twice (creating a C2-B♭1-C2-B♭1-C2 trill). This was all done in analog realm of control voltages obviously, in our MIDI realm it would mean that the arp/seq would have to retrigger the step midway thru sending B♭1 note when B♭0 is pressed and retrigger with a C2 again when B♭0 is released (with a slight overlap so that the synth that the arp/seq is controlling could utilize legato properly).

I hope this is clearer now?

This is how it sounds: check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYvZre5f6D4 from 0:44 onwards. The intro before 0:44 is done in similar fashion although he's additionally alternating between two sequences.

The technique is shown here using Reason's sequencer. It's called "Monophonic Legato Portamento" mode. I haven't seen any sequencer support this yet and I missed out on Reason Lite Rack :(


(GrayWolf2004's solution using pitchbend (in this thread) is just a workaround that doesn't actually do what I want)

I would so love to have this as it can introduce nice little variations in the sequence. So far I've only been able to recreate this technique in Vital using complex LFOs mimicking amplitude and filter envelopes, but I don't want to be limited to that synth, as I'd like something more analog sounding.

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