No MIDI-In in Cubase 5

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Hello everybody,

quite everything is in the title. I followed the "getting started - Cubase" video of Kameleono, although I have a less recent version of Cubase (I have 5). I works until step 6: Cubase doesn't propose me the PATTERN in channel (Kameleono MIDI In) in the list of all available channels.

Thx in advance


I'm not sure I understood the question, but when they refer to "Pattern", it's a midi track called "Pattern" and then you should be able to set that to be on channel 2 (from the Cubase Inspector on the left hand side)

Then just select the second channel under "Pattern In" in Kamelono.

There should be a demo file provided with the plugin, can you open that in your version of cubase?

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