Is it possible to get Kameleono to spit out notes that follow pattern octave position?

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Post Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:41 pm

Hey there... I hope you can help 'cause I'd like to buy your plugin... Is there a setting I have not figured out so that notes OUT follow the octave position of the PATTERN and not the CHORD?

I'm using this live as opposed to midi clips/tracks in Reaper...

I've got a chord on Ch1 as the "notes in"
I'm playing live in on ch2 as the PATTERN

Everything I try seems to make it so that whatever octave I'm playing in the pattern is "squashed" to match the chord note's octave position...

So if I play a CEG chord in Octave 1, but play a C5 in the pattern, the note out is always a C1

How can I get Kameleono to follow the chord mask, but maintain octave position of the original pattern notes? Possible?

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