look what's coming in early 2020 (along with new SDS)

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Back to the synth!

I see that I hijacked my own thread... So far, in this early stage,
the most representative example of Sinmad sound is probably this MP3 I posted earlier...
A riff to try 3 of the 8 Sinmad filters, not full wet:

Stay tuned for more, and a beta release in Q1 of 2020.


Listening to this you can hear some power filters of Sinmad. Poly saturated resonances.
# Two instances play freely a drone and a riff sequence.
# The third instance is tweaked live knob by knob
# At the end of the 2 minutes you ear each synth alone and the timbral modulations Sinmad can do.
https://soundcloud.com/liqih/outerspace ... nths-mstrd

BW Beta1a is almost ready!


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