Massive Guitar Software Update

Official support for:
AcouFiend Axe Pack Axiom Destructor V2 Hot Tuna Re-Guitar


Here is a free update for most our guitar plug-ins and software: please welcome the new AcouFiend, Axiom, Destructor, Hot Tuna and Re-Guitar, also available in the Axe Pack guitar bundle.

With new high resolution graphics and a couple of bug fixes and enhancements, this is a recommended update! And if you do not already own the plug-ins, check out the demos!


Don't miss the special re-introduction price on all plug-ins and the bundle (Up to 40% off until June 25th)!


well sir, I did not think I needed any more guitar amp sims. I was wrong. bought your axe pack bundle and I am impressed! especially thanks for making Acoufiend. Sure it's not as fun as controlling actual moving air feedback, but I like my family and neighbors and I can't do that very often.



Thanks! Glad that you are having fun with it!

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