Any news for 2022?

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This is one of the plugins I used extensively. Must say that I don't use it as often as I used to but now and then I still bring it in my projects when I'm looking for sounds and browsing presets. Still a joyfull experience to use this one to this day... I think the core plugin is still solid.

Despite this, I figure some updates might bring this plugin up to current standards. Perhaps things like a more refined preset browser, visual modulation feedback, new preset banks or new UI themes? I don't use an M1 mac but I can imagine updating the plugin's compatibility with newer OS and hardware might be desired?


I was wondering the same thing. It's crashed several times for me recently in OSX Monterrey and it worries me that it might end up going away. I purchased Wavemapper 2 and shortly after that a OS update made it unusable and it's been a couple years of not having access to it. So hoping they do at least do maintenance updates for new OSes if it's required.

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