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SPC Plugins
+44(0)1271 867288 / sales@spcplugins.com
+44(0)1271 867288 / support@spcplugins.com
22 Brookdale Avenue, Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 8DB, United Kingdom

SPC Plugins is an independent audio software developer based in the United Kingdom. We design and produce instruments and effects which always aim for the highest sound quality possible while implementing unusual and original ideas.

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Reviewed By KEVINMICHAEL [all]
October 1st, 2021
Version reviewed: latest on Mac

Nice gater. Simple. Could use more presets/update. Good to go to for quick inspiration. Straightforward interface.

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Reviewed By Jorgeelalto [all]
January 5th, 2020
Version reviewed: 4.0.2 on Windows

One of the best VA synths around. I use it on every track, it's my bread and butter synth, and I freaking love it.

Each and every feature is done right, especially sound generators and filters. The oscillators are clean and fat, they don't have that digital, bandlimited sound like old VSTs and some newer ones do - you really get a smooth, rich sound from every type of oscillator, and there are a lot - the basic ones are there, and they work really well, and then there are a lot of innovative ones. The best part of that, though, is that almost every oscillator type is modifiable via the Shape knob, so all sound generators have an easy, modulatable way of changing the sound from the start. Without touching the filters you already have plenty of sonic capabilities, and the most important thing, those capabilities are really at hand. In this synth, everything is one screen (no different Synth, Modulation and FX pages, although you can only view one LFO, one envelope, and half the mod matrix at the same time, all the oscs, filters and effects are visible).

The filters also sound amazing, and you have a lot of types - also some crazy ones, like the bitcrushers and comb filters. And since there are two, you can play with the routing to get more sonic variations. Also, even if this synthesizer's signal path is mono, you can easily set up a stereo sound by panning the filters and routing the different oscillators to each of them.

The modulation sources are also really cool. I have to admit I don't use the LFOs (sequencers) to their maximum potential, but they are really cool - and coupled with the modulation matrix, with the ability to combine modulation sources via math operations, there is no way you cannot get a living, organic sound from this.

Also it has audio in, so any sound that comes before this VSTi will get sent through the effects chain (if I remember correctly), so you can stack as many instances as you want in your effect chain. From version 4, the GUI is resizeable and there's also VST3 support, so yeah, really cool overall. And serial number activation.

Would totally recommend.

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Reviewed By tommyzai [all]
April 7th, 2016
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Mac

ArcSyn by SPC Plugins is a virtual analog modulator synth that is not based on any particular vintage hardware, but successfully captures the essence of that era of beasts.

The purchase, download, install, and authorize process is simple and smooth. There are no dongles of any kind i.e., iLok, SmarkKeys, etc. Upon launching, the first thing users will notice is a striking interface. Some will consider it strikingly ugly, while others will find it simply striking. I fall into the third camp — it grew on me! The GUI is original-looking and has the SPC vibe, a la shades of gray with yellow and a touch of white. There is certainly contrast! The color scheme is similar to Gater-Pro, which is one of the most popular plugins in its class. Regardless of aesthetic appeal, ArcSyn's interface is cleverly designed. Having said that, it can be a little confusing and intimidating at first. However, after a short time it should make sense. Everything is exactly where it should be, and it's easy to navigate. The knobs and sliders are responsive. I have no difficulty turning or sliding with my mouse or trackpad. There is an online manual, but I have yet to peek at it. The developer has an excellent attention to detail, so I'm sure it's well-written and easy to understand. According to SciFiArtMan,"Reading the online manual for this synth is almost mandatory if you want to truly understand it! There's definitely some outside-the-box thinking here!"

Most importantly, ArcSyn sounds great. I'm a synth purist — not a big fan of hybrids that mix different kinds of synthesis with samples. ArcSyn uses waveform synthesis. "All oscillator waveforms are generated from scratch." There are over 70 one-of-a-kind waveforms on board, my favorite of which is the sub-harmonic for the low overtones. There are several LFOs and a mod arranger that can be used to sequence up to 16 waveforms. Additionally, users will find an ADHSR, two routing modes (Series and Parallel), and mod matrix with 16 slots. There are many modulate filter options and modifiers to expand the madness.

One of the biggest reasons I installed and use this plugin are the self-oscillating filters that are based on the Oberheim Matrix 12. Back in the day, I was the proud owner of a few Oberheim keyboards and rack modules. Anything that delivers a pinch of that old sound is okay by me. Why oh why did I sell them? Anyway, I'm not sure how ArcSyn would hold up in a direct comparison, but several of the presets bring back fond memories. Speaking of which, there are more than 350 presets, many of which are usable and/interesting. My favorite patches are the drones. They are pure SciFi paradise. One of my favorite features is the Randomiser, which quickly generates patches. I found this to be the best way to discover the perfect sound. In less than a minute more than a hundred patches can be generated, and most of them will be duds, but there's an excellent chance that at least one will be explosive. Every synth should have this feature ArcSyn also has an excellent preset management directory system.

• User-friendly
• Amazing quality sound; Unique wavetables
• Versatile
• Useable presets — some are inspiring
• Randomize feature is addictive and really useful
• CPU friendly
• Stable
• Great price
• Talented, creative, responsive developer with proven track record. Gater-Pro is in my favorites folder.

• This would be the perfect synth for alternate skins
• Key-sync?
• I look forward to 3rd party soundsets.

ArcSyn is an excellent virtual synth that is capable of sounds that range from silky smooth to rough rumble. I agree with Ave Mcree, who wrote,"[ArcSyn] is one of the best synths that came out this year." In the right hands, any and all genres will benefit from this VSTi. It produces everything from creamy pads and textures to punchy plucks and anything in between. I love the subs! The flexible modulation options make ArcSyn perfectly suited for genres using textures, pads, and drones. This may or may not be the "workhorse" or "go to synth" for all users, but it should easily justify its existence in plugin folders by filling voids and getting plenty of playing time. The bang per buck ratio is really good. It's certainly worth the price. As advertised,"unexplored sonic territory" is more or less possible; yet, what I dig most is the vintage vibe with the unique modern twist of seemingly endless modulation possibilities. Without hesitation, I give ArcSyn two strong thumbs up. Great stuff.

I'm rating ArcSyn a 9 at this time. It's a new release, and there are a few little things that could be improved and/or added. I'm certain my rating will increase to a perfect 10 after the next release or the one after.

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Reviewed By tommyzai [all]
January 1st, 2014
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Mac

Gater-Pro by SPC Plugins is a useful and inspiring stereo trance gate effect. Each time I launch it and create a gated sequence I discover something unique that sparks my creativity. Naturally, it's perfect for trance, but it can also help drive any other kind of rhythmic-based audio. If you're not looking for a robotic sound simply engage the swing feature and bring some humanity back into the mix. I plan to use it on pads, drones, and eBow'd guitar lines to help create a pulse and shimmer that is in sync with the track. While researching, I found a useful suggestion from a fellow user, "You don't need to have the gate at 100% wet, but a hint of Gater-Pro on an effect return can provide some lift to the mix."


  • Simple, neat and clean interface.
  • Cool features: swing control, switchable rates, three gate shapes, etc.
  • Bypass switch.
  • CPU friendly.
  • Stable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Responsive developer (good communication and frequent updates).


  • I can't think of any, but adding a zillion presets would be nice.


I highly recommend Gater-Pro for any eMusician, producer, sound designer, DJ, etc., who is creating rhythmic music. It's an excellent little plugin that can make a BIG difference if used wisely. Tommy Zai gives Gater-Pro two perfectly sync'd thumbs up. Thank you, SPC, for creating such a cool audio tool.

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Reviewed By sqigls [all]
March 29th, 2013
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Mac

"Two thumbs UP!" - Fiskel and Egbert.

Gater-Pro is an incredibly useful tool. It doesn't matter if you don't make tarnce music, this step-gate can be used for all sorts of purposes. By using a few clever step-ties, and the mix and envelope controls, it is possible to put instruments in their place. De-mud and add some groove and space to a reverb-washed or frequency-challenged instrument. The swing control also makes it easy to slot Gater-Pro into any track.

I am personally finding new uses for Gater-Pro each time I use it. Think outside the box...

Make a gated sequence that is chopped and swung (swinged :P) to the extreme and fits with the groove of the track, now back it off with the dry/wet mix control.
Try this on reverb busses even, with Gater-Pro on a reverb you can create some amazing pulses that add to the movement of the track. You don't need to have the gate at 100% wet, but a hint of Gater-Pro on an effect return can provide some lift to the mix. My theory is, when you leave 'holes' in reverb tails, they are filled with the natural reverb of the club or venue you are playing at. They sort of mesh and can create an amazing reverb that sits well and isn't so muddy.

Sometimes I even use Gater-Pro in a bit of a transient designer style, by creating gates which maybe cut off something like a long snare, then using the decay envelope and perhaps mix control, it's possible to add something to the groove, SUBTRACTIVELY!! (if that's a word :P).

Gater-Pro earns a 10 out of 10 from me, with this version 2 release. It's incredibly useful, stable, and also very light on the CPU. Not to mention very affordable! Check it out! and HAVE FUN!.

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