Free new presets for Sinmad 1.0.2 synth: audio example inside

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Post ... /downloads

Here you have the 11 new custom presets I carefully designed for the
track 'Sinmad The Shamest'. There are 2 leads, 2 pluck sounds, 2 kick
drums, 1 snare, 1 wood stick, 1 hi-hat, 1 for cymbals and 1 for the

Example: ... 901875.wav
You can listen to the full track
(made for the One Synth Challenge 155 here at KVR) at

The song makes use of only 11 Sinmad instances for all instruments you hear.

Note that in the mix of the song each instrument is boosted by its own
DAW channel effect: equalizer, compressor, extra delay or reverb.

Please read the included How_to_instal_the_preset_files_in_Sinmad.pdf
and enjoy these free presets for the Sinmad 1.0.2 synth plug-in.



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