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Post Sun Feb 27, 2022 3:29 pm

Hey ju-x,

I've always really liked Hosting AU as my preferred lightweight plugin host - thanks for this tool, it's great!

Are there any plans on an M1 Native version of Hosting AU?
(No worries about timescales or anything, I'm just wondering whether this will happen at some point.)


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Post Sun Apr 03, 2022 7:41 am

Sorry for my too slow response! I have the plan. I think I may keep the current Hosting AU as it is (or + minimum fixes) to keep the backward compatibility. Now it's running 10 years! :tu:

Then I'm interested in developing totally or almost another AU host that conforms M1 yes, Metal support too. Also modularize it for more tailor-made minimum host needs.

So the thing is time vs the huge plan. Still struggling to resolve this basic thing...

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Post Wed Nov 30, 2022 5:25 pm

Hey junojux,
I have been using Hosting AU for years too, this is such a great small but quick app for jamming, thank you! A new or a further developed version would be great. One problem I have is relatively frequent crashes of plugins, maybe this could be fixed.

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