Hosting AU won't remember output settings

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I don't know why, but each time I open up Hosting AU it gets back to the first output setting available, which is Built-In Output. So I have to select my audio interface output manually, every time.
Any clue?


Sorry for my slow response!

While this is an issue to fix, a give_it_a_try for now is to setup an aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup, and name the device alphabetically earlier than "Built". But untested all the situations...

Or if you save a .hosting file, and open it for the launch, what happens?

Thank you!


The aggregate device trick works well. I've created one named "_Hosting AU", and now it's the one that shows up by default.
For the sake of it, I've tried to save an instance using my audio interface output, and when loading it up it first show the default one (now the "_Hosting AU" aggregate device), but about a second after, switches to the audio interface output.

So both tricks work well! Thanks for your help and suggestions!


Cool, and glad to hear that!

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