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Post Mon Apr 11, 2022 7:38 pm

Hi I. Still playing around with the demo / trial version and wondered if there were any plans to add some midi improvements like a midi snip / cut tool or midi strum feature in the future?

Also will there ever be an option to have midi note monitoring (audio playback) on when dragging notes around in the composer grid (mulab) seems to be one of the only daws I've used that doesn't do this but the program itself seems really good.

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Post Tue Apr 12, 2022 10:15 pm

Atm i can't comment on new feature requests that are not related to the M9.0 highlights. (MuLab as Plugin, Modular Composer, Live Matrix and Note Actions)
Some time after M9 has been released (still a couple of weeks from here) it will be a more relevant time to talk about new feature requests eventhough there already are some important topics on the table for M9.x / M10. (eg quid VST 3)

As i surely cannot process a long list of feature requests for each user (single dev time limit, pls also read this ), I'd like to ask everyone who has feature requests to make a little list of your own 3 most favorite requests. Of course you can make a longer list but then sort it yourself so that your personal most important 3 are at the top. Hold on, pls don't post it yet. Keep it on your side until a couple of weeks after the official M9 release. Then will be a better time to see what is most requested.

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