Mothers Piano - Own Rockballad Song composed with 80s Cyclick Drum Samples

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Composed by me, after playing around with the outstanding but free "Cyclick 80's Drum samples", that I found over the web lately. (if ur looking for some free, but superb acoustic drums samples, that are crystal clear in quality + with lots of drum elements including in it, it is definitely a great pick) <- Not sure where I got them from last week, so if u want to give them a try, just google for it. -> Listen below

Would love to hear any feedback, cheers :-)

Instruments including:
- Cyclick 80s Drum Samples
- Spanish Classical Guitar SF by Zenvoid (Accomp. Gt.1)
- Fluid R3 Steel Guitar (Accomp. Guitar2)
- Acoustic 963kb Guitar (Soundfont) as Rhythm guitar
- PG-8X +Strings2 Preset (ORG JX-8P Soundbank)
- Choir Pad
- Harp (HQ Orch SF Bank)
- Quite Music Piano (Coldspace Preset) for melody in Vers2/Ch2 and Intro
- Fingered Bass + Synth Bass
- Violin (Soundfont by a guy called Thompson) for melody in Vers2/Ch2 and Intro ... zCfiJSBc-M

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kind regards GW :wink:

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