Softube Model 80...wish they would add a Prophet 10 mode

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Funkybot's Evil Twin wrote: Sun Apr 21, 2024 4:20 pm
abernathy wrote: Sun Apr 21, 2024 12:47 pm So if someone wants built-in effects they can use u-he, Arturia, etc etc. If they don't they can use Softube. Nice we can all have what we want!
Or the latter person can use the U-he and Arturia and turn the FX off.
No thanks! I already have the workflow I want with Softube's synths - no added FX junk, and all presets designed WITHOUT effects. I do turn off effects in Repro-5 sometimes... it's interesting to hear a bunch of presets solely dependent on layers of effects - lots of presets that could be any generic synth. And before Softube Model 72 my favorite minimoog was UAD's, partly for the same lack of built-in effects. Along the same lines, I think it would've been cheesy AF if the Prophet 5 or minimoog hardware reissues had built-in effects.


I have to agree. For these vintage emulations I prefer them raw. Of course synths like the Juno 106 which had chorus originally and was part of the sound, is totally fine.

Also I would say tone shaping fx such as good quality distortion is welcome on synths such as a 303 or 909 emulation.

I also like modern synths which do include fx such as Tone2 Icarus 3, Viper and others. Different tools for different jobs.


I really appreciate everyone’s contributions and opinions here. I think it’s wonderful that we’re all so passionate about these things. Back to the original topic, how about everyone that would like to see added polyphony and possibly layers/splits in Model 80 let Softube know! Here’s the link:

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