Who are some plugin creators that focus more on quality than quantity?

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Yeah, sounds like a stupid thing to ask.

But I feel some of them make products too often, and that devalues what they're doing to me - a bit like acts that spam songs every 2 seconds. How much heart and soul is going into the work?

I ask because a long time ago, I used to sail the high seas and loved u-He's stuff.
I went completely legit a couple of years ago, once I decided to take music more seriously, and am in the process of picking out and paying for a minimal amount of plugins to compliment the DAW/s that I use.

u-He's prices are still too high for me but I won't do what I did again - I grabbed the freebies on their website and they're just fantastic. Podolski, Triple Cheese and Zebralette are totally killer.

It made me think, this dude clearly makes products I love. IDK why, IDK what it is about them, but I love 'em and will get the more complete/fully-featured products when I'm able to afford it. I know this is a developer that doesn't spam new products every 20 seconds, and makes great quality plugins.

That's awesome, that's what I'm after.

Who else does this?

I don't want to name names of the ones I feel are too spammy, but I have some of their products and don't really like how when I buy something, like 2 months later that product is like 10 products back, basically old news lol. NOT a fan of that.

I want to support developers that focus on quality over quantity - preferably with some freebies to test and use while moving forwards.

Another one is TAL. TAL doesn't have that many plugins, but everything I've used is awesome and I actually own U-NO-LX. I really like TAL-Bassline (the free one), TAL-Chorus and TAL-Noisemaker.

Similar to u-He, you can jump on their websites and see they've been around for a while now, yet don't have infinite products.

Who else is like this?

Mostly asking for future me because I want to focus on picking up some of u-He's products before moving on so I'm hoping this is a thread I can return to at some point and feel somewhat confident that any suggestions here will be for developers that truly care about the products they create.

I know not everyone will agree with this mentality, but I want to shy away from the spammy companies and move more towards making music with products that were made with love, as weird as that might sound. I don't want the business/corporate-y "made to turn a quick profit" stuff in my music.


Easy , for me at last and I think these are already well established names in the industy
-Sonic Charge
- Audio Realism
But there are companies that have a huge portofolio and still top tier stuff
But if I had to choose one plugin developer who is imho at the top , it would be Cytomic .
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For my taste, add Fabfilter to the list too.


U-he, Valhalla, Sonic Charge, Psychic Modulation, Xfer.....
As far as I can tell there are not many companies out there just churning out crap just to have lots of product. That accusation could be maybe made at waves but even they are filling a market. I think folks that are deep into music technology tend to imagine that "big developers" are far bigger than they are. Not every developer turns out to be good at public relations and digital distribution and all the other bits that combine to really make a small company stand out as "great", but there are very few I can even think of that appear to be making release after release of sub par products like the volume will make up for a lack of quality.

There was a period in time where I would have said Arturia was recycling almost the same DSP into a mountain of "retro skinned" synths that didn't offer much outside slightly different combinations of features. They , however kept working on and improving their products while expanding the overall range into something pretty cool and that's without taking into account all the cool hardware synths and controllers they've developed.

I may not agree with some of the policies, pricing, and distribution methods out there in digital production land, but I feel there are far fewer bad actors around music tech than In most industries.
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Valhalla for sure - and Relab of course


Psp audioware - have used the same plugins for 20 years in some cases
sound toys but not sure how active they are now, although they just released a product
Rob paper for synths (if you like their sound)
Soft tube




if u ask me, just u-he. and valhalla :wink:
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Polyverse make a limited but truly fantastic suite of plugins.




Better to save up and get one or two of the highest quality than 12 ok quality. Demo in the meantime.

There’s a ton of options, as already listed.


vitocorleone123 wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2024 10:35 pm Better to save up and get one or two of the highest quality than 12 ok quality. Demo in the meantime.

There’s a ton of options, as already listed.
Absolutely agree which is kinda why I made the thread.


Ah yes , Plogue. , how was I able to forget it ?
Excellent products , love the ops7
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