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Heavyocity VAST Convolution Engine Review

Heavyocity VAST Convolution Engine Review

By The Article Master on

Heavyocity is perhaps best known for their Kontakt based instruments such as Damage and Gravity series, but their latest VST effect offering now joins the likes of Punish and Fury in Heavyocity's stable of effect plugins. Heavyocity are also renowned for their innovative sound design and effects that cater to composers and producers across various genres. VAST, their creative convolution reverb plugin, continues this tradition by offering a versatile and powerful tool designed for expansive sound manipulation.

Design and Usability

First impressions matter, and VAST makes a good one with its sleek, modern interface that encourages exploration without overwhelming users. The layout is logical, with controls and parameters clearly labelled, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned professionals, and there is enough on hand here to keep tweakers and sound designers happy without being overwhelming. VAST's design philosophy seems to balance depth and simplicity, allowing users to dive deep into sound design without getting lost in complexity.

Features and Functionality

At the heart of VAST is its Impulse Engine, a robust foundation that offers over 200 impulse responses, enabling users to craft spaces and atmospheres that range from the realistic to the surreal. The ability to import custom audio files as impulse responses expands its versatility, inviting personalized sound design explorations. The convolution engine isn't simply a drag, drop and forget experience either. There is a surprising amount of control over the impulse responses, allowing for manipulation of the stereo field, length, diffusion, and pitch, as well as options to sync more rhythmic impulses to the project tempo.

The plugin doesn't stop at the convolution however; it includes additional modules including a gate, compression, EQ, and delay. An output section includes a clipper/saturation section, tone controls and an additional reverb module which can be blended with the convolution engine. This selection of effects transforms VAST into a full-fledged multi-effect capable of much more than just emulating spaces. Moreover, the inclusion of over 200 presets designed by Heavyocity's team provides a launchpad for creativity, showcasing the plugin's capabilities.

Sound Quality

VAST shines in its ability to produce high-quality, nuanced soundscapes. Whether you're looking for subtle ambiance enhancements or dramatic sonic transformations, VAST delivers with clarity and depth. The plugin also excels at creating vast soundscapes (pun intended).

Creative Potential

To think of VAST as just a reverb does it a great disservice. We were quite impressed with the range of tones and twisted rhythmical effects it is capable of. This is in part due to the excellent selection of impulse responses available and the flexibility to tweak and combine effects enables one to push boundaries in terms of sound design. The 'Textures' and 'Rhythmic' categories were particular stand outs among the impulse response library. The plugin encourages experimentation, with even accidental discoveries often leading to inspiring results. This creative potential makes VAST a valuable addition to any sound designer's arsenal, capable of elevating projects with its unique sonic signature.


Heavyocity's VAST Convolution Engine VST Plugin is an inspiring tool that marries innovation with usability. It offers sound designers and producers both a playground for sonic exploration, as well as a solid toolkit of more traditional effects, with the potential to transform ordinary sounds into extraordinary auditory experiences. VAST is more than just a convolution reverb plugin; it's a testament to Heavyocity's vision of offering creative tools that inspire. Whether you're crafting ambient textures for a film score, designing intricate soundscapes for electronic music, or simply exploring new realms of sound, VAST offers the flexibility and quality to bring your visions to life.

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