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Atmopsheric Synth by Sonus Dept.
Ksenia Paysage Babel Escape Myscape Picoscape
What is it?
Max For Live
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Ableton Live 10+ with Max for Live or Max/MSP 8.1+
System Requirements
Ableton Live 10+ with Max for Live or Max/MSP 8.1+
Audio Demos
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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Æthernity is a collection of seven Max for Live devices oriented towards the creation of ethereal and atmospheric music. The devices currently featured are:

  • Paysage: a soundscape creator tool with an interactive mixer featuring 20 professionally recorded and seamlessly looping soundscapes.
  • Ksenia: a polyphonic synthesizer based on Karplus-Strong synthesis, ideal to create physical models of guitar and piano strings. It also has some effects to shape the sound without the need of additional devices.
  • Padradise: a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer specialized in the creation of lush and evolving pads and textures.
  • Babel: an effect processor with 16 parallel filters, pitchshifters, delays and pan units followed by a thick reverberator, able to transform any kind of sound into a deep evolving texture.
  • Picoscape: a tiny device that creates an evolving eerie texture.
  • Escape: another small device that synthesizes a dense texture.
  • Myscape: with this pocket device you can create mysterious soundscapes from any couple of sound samples.
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