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Asgard Sampler VSTi

Asgard Sampler VSTi Asgard Sampler VSTi Asgard Sampler VSTi
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VST 2/3 32-bit or 64-bit.
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Important Note
No Mac version is currently available. Protools is not supported without a third party bridge.
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Asgard Sampler VSTi

Asgard VSTi is a sampler and Virtual Viking instrument by Danheim.
It includes everything from the most powerful drums, which almost echoes into Asgard itself.
Bowed lyre drones, tagelharpa drones, dark textures, percussions, and every other instrument you can imagine from the Viking age.
– Authentic excavated antique Viking objects were recorded and sampled for Asgard. This is the first time since C.850-1050 AD, that these amazing objects will be heard again, and now come to life through sound and music.

List of instruments and banks included:
Drums of the North (Viking drum samples)
Deer Antlers (Percussion)
Digitally Modified Ancient Drums (Powerful Viking drum samples)
Nordic Rattles, and Percussion instruments
Real human bones, Raven Bones, and more
Various Dark Drones and Pads
Cow Horns, Lur and more (Gallehus, Revheim, Neverlur)
Dark, deep bass & Chants (created by voice)
Ambient nature soundscapes
Various FX
Flutes & Pipes (Falster Pibe, Red deer)
– and much more.

Authentic & Antique Viking objects sound-recorded for percussion and FX:
* Viking Beads C.850-1050 AD
* Viking Shield Stud 8th-10th Century
* Viking Pouch Knife -Norway, 9th-11th Century
* Very Rare Viking Ringjern 850-1050 AD (iron ring which is thought to represent an enemy and ritually destroyed by breaking with stones or a being a ring of honor)
Breaking iron objects might have had specific supernatural significance to Vikings. The ritual is shown on the Lärbro stone in Gotland, Sweden.
* Viking Horseshoe 8th-11th Century
* Restored Viking Amulets & Bells C.950-1150 AD.

Asgard also includes most standard controls, a simple reverb, high pass/low pass filter, pitch bend knob, and overdrive.

Available for Windows as VST 2/3 (Mac version currently not available)
Release date: 2019
Version: 2.1
Approx filesize: 1 GB.

Viking instrument VST.

1.2 Update (16/02/2020):
– Danheim Drums (new bank/preset added)
– Dark Hits (new bank/preset added)
– Restored Authentic Viking Amulet & Bell (new bank/preset added)
– Fixed VST3 problem.

2.0 Update (21/09/2020)
– Heldom has joined as a sound designer for Asgard.
– Voice mode added
– LFO destination added.

New sound banks added in this update:
Atgangr Drone
Hefnigod Drone
Helgadr Drone
Helgid tagelharpa Drone
Loke's Cave Drone
Heldom's Drums & Percs
Dark Hornu
Raven Bones
Wood & Bones
Birch & Sticks
Ancient Viking Amulets (Authentic Viking-Age amulets).

2.1 Update (25/09/2020)

– Left / Right channel volume-meter added.
– Overdrive/Distortion button added
– About page added (does not save current preset state!)
– Fixed volume on most presets (volume raised).

New presets added:
Danheim Claps
Tagelharpa String
Freyas Strings
Heldoms Horn
Bowed String.

2.2 Update (17/01/2021)

- Fixed ADSR on multiple presets
- Updated About section with a secondary page (instrument pictures)
- Removed overlapping section
- 32-bit VST version no longer updated (64-bit is the new standard).

New presets added:
- Heldom's Walnut & Mussel Rattles
- Danheim String Rattle
- Raven Staff Rattle
- Viking Amulet Rattle.

{See video at top of page}

Made with Maize Sampler
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Asgard Sampler VSTi

Reviewed By huggorm [all]
November 10th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows

I was excited to find this plugin, looking for a tagelharpa instrument plugin for a long time. This looked perfect for my needs.

I wish I could give it the perfect score too. It has it's uses, but are stronger on percussion than melodic instruments.

Pros: Unique sounds. Huge potential.

Cons: Largely focused on percussion, the melodic instruments has little flexibility and range. Without articulations, the unique instruments have limited usability. Seems to take a lot of resources compared to samplers of same specifications.

A good plugin that has potential to be great.

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