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Autumnal Equinox 2023


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Audio control AC-1

Analyser / Monitor by G-Sonique
Audio control AC-1 (Mix/Mastering console)
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Audio control AC-1

When you are finalizing your mixes you surely need to know how sounds your bass separately, if there are not some unwanted signals in bass spectrum, if high frequency range is clean, if mid range do not sounds distorted. If you hear your mix in full frequency range it is often not easy or possible.

You often need to check stereo field, if there is not too much stereo or mono signal. If stereo signal do not have lot of bass freq. or mono signal do not have distortion etc.

Next thing you often control are dynamics and transients, you need to know if there is enough of dynamic range, if transients are not smashed or if they are not very sharp or distorted. You often need to hear left and right channel separated or phase inverted.

With conventional methods it is possible but very slow and annoying to check these things.

With new Audio control console AC1 you can do all mentioned operations within one CLICK.

Additionally you can check frequency spectrum on linear FFT Display, you can also set frequency ranges which should be monitored as well as set dynamic range spectrum of monitored transients.

You can do also own useful combinations by clicking buttons, for example: listen to transients only in treble spectrum, filter bass spectrum and analyze if bass is in stereo (side) part, compare how many transients are included in mono and side/stereo part of record and much more.

Top Features:

  • Bass, Mid, Treble filter for analyzing individual frequency bands, with possibility to set frequency ranges, with buttons for fast results.
  • Mid (mono) button to - hear mono part of your mix in both channels.
  • Side (stereo) button to - hear stereo part of your mix in both channels.
  • Left and Right button to - hear individual left or right channel.
  • Left and Right phase invert/rotation button to - hear phase rotated left or right channel.
  • Transient button - to hear dynamic range of your mix, and to hear transients/peaks of signal with knob allowing to set controlled dynamic range, as well as speed response switch detecting slow or fast peaks/transients.
  • All buttons can be used in various combinations to control different parts of recording.
  • Linear FFT Display to view frequency spectrum of your mix.
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