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Pultronic EQ-110P
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Pultronic EQ-110P

Pultronic EQ-110P is an emulation of the classic professional parametric vacuum tube equalizer from 50s and 60s. G-Sonique programmed the Pultronic EQ-110P equalizer so that it can add "real and hearable" warmth, color and dynamics of the vacuum tube devices to your music.

Frequency and amplitude analysis of input and output impulses from real vintage vacuum tubes were used during the development. These impulses were recorded via the real vintage devices. Thanks to this process you can choose from several algorithms which emulate the various vacuum tubes in order to achieve the wide spectrum of music colors. The virtual schema of the Pultronic is very similar to the real circuits of the electronic equalizers.

The equalizer contains 4 parametric filters: Low frequency cut, Low frequency boost, Middle frequency cut / boost and High frequency boost. These equalizing circuits allow you to "sweet" color of the sound as well as softly saturate it and emphasize the bass and treble frequencies. The parameters like Warmth, Saturation and Brilliance can be used to adjust the characteristics of the output amplifying vacuum tubes.

The Pultronic equalizer EQ-110P is suitable for recording, tracking and mixing.


  • 4 parametric filters with sweet coloring sound (all with the parameters like gain, boost, cut, frequency, bandwidth):
    • Low frequency cut.
    • Low Frequency boost.
    • Middle frequency cut / boost.
    • High frequency boost.
  • The unique emulation of input and output amplifying vacuum tubes which closely imitates all the features and advantages of the vacuum tubes like: tender softening and limitation of the sharp transients, to soften and to sphere the sound, to color it, to solid it and to warm it. This technology is capable of adding the wide spectrum of harmonics including the first harmonics to your records. 1st harmonics is something that is very difficult to simulate in the digital world and it is very rare in digital plug-ins.
  • Warmth, Saturation Drive and Brilliance.
  • 2X Oversampling and anti-aliasing algorithms.
  • 5 selectable Low frequency vacuum tube types for selecting the final sound character of bass spectrum:
    1. Class A Tube.
    2. Warm tube.
    3. Vintage tube.
    4. Dirty vintage tube.
    5. 12AX7 Tube.
  • 6 selectable High frequency vacuum tube types for selecting the final sound character of high frequency spectrum:
    1. 12AX7 Tube.
    2. Classic tube.
    3. Warm tube.
    4. Class A Tube.
    5. Vintage tube.
    6. Dirty vintage tube.
  • Input and output vacuum tube volume stages.
  • Bypass on/off function.
  • Preset Manager.
User Reviews Average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews Add A Review

Pultronic EQ-110P
Reviewed By delaiah
April 27th, 2011

I have been using this plugin for quite some time as my coloring mastering eq form my own projects and have to say it's amazing. it really adds a kind of "sheen" and "sparkle" to the record. it also makes the whole track sound "rounder" in a very musical way (this depends on your person settings, naturally). for me, right now I can't imagine finishing a mix without it.

It took me some time to get the controlls figured out, but after some time I got used to them. There are planty of sound tweaking possibilities which come with the selectable tube models for top and bottom section of the eq.

the only real downside I see to this plugin is that it is written using SynthMaker and custom assembler codes, which does make it a bit more heavy on the CPU and memory. the positive thing that compensates for this is the price - 38€ isn't much for this eq. i used it succesfully on vocals and acoustic guitar and it added quite a unique character to them.

all in all, i consider the Pultronic a "no-seller" in my plugin collection, i enjoy it's sound that much :).
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Pultronic EQ-110P
Reviewed By ntom
April 26th, 2011

Sometimes having the classic tubes really adds that professional warmth and brilliance to your song...unfortunately many of us don't have the money to actually afford a hardware tube EQ.

Good news!
We have the ever so affordable virtual emulation of a tube EQ by G-Sonique. It's their Pultronic Tube EQ.

Now, when I first popped this baby open, I was a bit confused at what all exactly I was doing...mostly when it came to the ability to change what type of tube you are using. So, certainly the use of this plugin for anyone new to VST plugins you may find it a bit confusing, but most any one who has been doing music for quite awhile and knows their way around a regular EQ, you'll probably understand what you're doing right quick.

The Pultronic Tube EQ features 17 presets, I usually found at least one preset would also get me close to what I want, then it just took a little noodling around with the knobs till I got exactly what I wanted. If those presets don't do it (even after noodling with the knobs) you can also change what type of tube that is used for low frequencies and what tube you use for higher frequencies, and each can be changed independently, so there are bunches of combinations (I wouldn't necessarily say endless combinations though)

On the low frequencies you have the choice of:
Class A Tube
Warm Tube
Vintage Tube
Dirty Vintage Tube (my favorite, next to Warm Tube)
and a 12AX7 Tube

On The Highs we have:
all the same tubes plus
Piano Tube
Piano Tube II
Classic Tube

Using tubes in combinations can help add a mind blowing quality to your music.

Lastly, there are 3 knobs that I feel in love with:
The Warmth knob, Saturation Drive knob, and Brilliance knob.

Each one does exactly what it sounds like: Use them to either boost or lower the warmth, or saturation, or brilliance.

Now, I personally didn't have to spend a dime on this plugin AND before you gasp and scream “Pirate!” let me explain real brief: This plugin came free with my DAW. Now that may raise the question about your idea of if it would be worth the dollars or not. And to tell you the truth, I would have spent the 45+ dollars on it (38 Euros) (I don't feel liek doing the conversion for the exact dollar amount). For the power it has, I think that is a fair price, especially for the amount of quality it adds.

Oh and the last thing I think I should mention: it's very stable, but every time I run it, it seems to take a few seconds longer than any other VST to load. To me it is no big deal. But, yeah it is a little bit intensive on the CPU, but not as much as some other plugins I have seen and used.
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