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VTD-42: Vintage psychedelic tape delay

VTD-42: Vintage psychedelic analog tape delay
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VTD-42: Vintage psychedelic tape delay

G-Sonique Vintage psychedelic delay VTD-42

There are tents of classic digital delays, but most of them sounds classic, boring and digital.

Vintage psychedelic delay VTD-42 is not like classic digital delays. It sounds absolutely different. Not like delay.

Move with us to beautiful age of 60s. Full of revolutionary vibes and rainbow hypnotic & psychedelic smoke in the air. No digital technology, just pure analog sounds. VTD-42 represent sound of this age. Only one possible way how to create delay in that time was to use special tape machine delays – hardware with 3 and more tape recorders, constantly recording and repeating recorded sound, creating magic delay effect with all artifacts, ripples, flutter & tape wow effects, detuning effects, noise and crackles. All this created magic psychedelic atmosphere. Only one way how to recreate reverb effect was with spring reverbs, special springs in metal boxes. Vintage psychedelic delay VTD-42 is mostly tape delay emulation but we added also bit of spring reverb effect and vacuum tube pream input stage to add some 60s dirt. Of course we are in new 21st psychedelic century, so we added something more, sound can be cleaner with low input, modern, + there is much more then just vintage tape emulation, you can find here many interesting features like upper tone and undertone special octaving effect to create stunning psychedelic spirit.

VTD-42 can be used for dub / chillout drums, works perfect also for experimental genres, percussions, minimal techno, progressive trance, psytrance, reggae, dub etc. VTD-42 can be used with live guitars, sitars, pianos and other sounds. VTD-42 is perfect also with synthesizers, chords, leads.

Tope features:

  • Psychedelic engine with tape delay and spring reverb emulation and hypnotic sound.
  • BPM synchronized tape delay emulation (with selectable delay steps - number of analog tapes 1 to 9pcs).
  • Dub rhythm, special function for creating time and rhythmical distortion of tempo/delay.
  • Tape speed / wow & flutter knobs.
  • Dry/Wet knob, output volume knob, output VU meter.
  • Input volume knob to add drive and dirt into vacuum tube preamp stage.
  • Undertone, normal and Uppertone octaver to create next level psychedelic sounds.

{See video at top of page}


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VTD-42: Vintage psychedelic tape delay

Reviewed By Jhweinbe [all]
February 19th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Very underrated plugin. This is such a lush and musical tape delay that has a character of its own. Its lushness is comparable to Valhalla's Vintage Verb, and it doesn't sound bad on any type of track. The presets are pretty extreme and don't really show you how you'd be able to use this as a go-to plugin, so I recommend dialing in your own settings, .

Sound-wise, I see it working for practically any genre. It's clean enough to fit comfortably into modern electronic-sounding productions, yet has enough character to fit in real well with those going for more analog sounding vibes, like myself.

I think the only reason this plugin isn't more popular is because it's for Windows only. But if you a run your DAW on Windows, I highly recommend this plugin, especially for its low price.

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