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AVA Vocal Flow
AVA Vocal Flow
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Windows 7 or newer
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10.7 or newer
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32-bit or 64-bit Linux
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AVA Vocal Flow

The AVA Vocal Flow is an all-in-one signal processing suite for mixing vocals in your music. It contains 7 route-able signal processing elements along with input and output controls. The AVA-VF is a "greatest hits" compilation of Harrison's most sought-after console elements, specifically selected for mixing vocals.

Notable Features:

  • Harrison's unique Vocal Character tracks individual notes to boost the Body (fundamental) or Clarity (overtones) of a sung vocal. Boost the higher harmonics to get an effect similar to distortion but without any aliasing.
  • The enormously popular Harrison 32C four band parametric equalizer with proportional gain and separate High-Pass and Lo-Pass filters.
  • Leveler: A compressor specifically designed for vocal tracks - derived from the Harrison Mixbus channelstrip.
  • DeEsser: Harrison's De-Esser is smart enough to de-ess only the sibilance of a vocal track, and not lose the sizzle in voiced consonants like Z's.
  • An effects section with Chorus, Delay and Reverb for adding subtle musical effects to vocals.
  • A full routing section allowing the various processing sections to be arranged and auditioned in any order.

See the online manual for details about operation.

The AVA Spectral Compressor is a cross-format plugin from Harrison which supports the following platforms and formats:

  • AAX: Mac, Windows.
  • VST3: Mac, Windows.
  • VST: Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • AudioUnit: Mac.
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