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Custom Saw Wave Shape Sample Pack

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Custom Saw Wave Shape Single Cycle Sample Pack Edu

Custom Saw Wave Shape Sample Pack
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WAV 32-Bit
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Any Operating system
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Custom Saw Wave Shape Sample Pack

Custom Saw Wave Shape Sample Pack

35 Custom Saw Pluck Wave Shapes (Saw waveform samples 32-bit Float at the sample rate of 44,100 cycles/second) from RDGAudio for FL Studio's 3x OSC, Sytrus and all Supported sampler Synthesizers.

The saw Waveforms are Single cycle. You can design your own Pluck for Trance, EDM, House, Trap genres and create Chords, Arp, Riffs and melodies from it. Here in this examples we have used Image Line 3X OSC but you can create any Sample based Synthesizers that support single cycle waveform.

35 HQ Trance Pluck Wave Shapes for Image Line FL Studio and Sampler Synthesizers. The most versatile and best sounding Wave Shapes for making Pluck, Chord, Arp, Riff and melodies.

Why FL Studio's 3x OSC?

FL Studio's 3XOSC is very simple yet powerful but creating a nice Trance Pluck inside it is very difficult, especially when you are in a hurry. That's why we have created 35 high quality Custom Saw using our DSP & Programming algorithm. Each Saw wave has its own shape and unique characteristics. Whenever you put them into the Custom Wave Shape area, 3X OSC becomes way advanced in sound. By default 3XOSC has 3 fixed Saw Oscillators, so you are limited to change its shape but our custom Saw will make it more powerful even you can change the shape.

{See video at top of page}


  • 35 HQ Single Cycle wave shapes.
  • WAV 32-bit Float Sample.
  • Sampled at 44,100 Hz.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Ready to make Pluck Chord, Lead, Arp, Riff and Melody.
  • Exclusively made for FL Studio's 3X OSC and Sampler Synthesizers which comes with fixed Saw Osc.

*Disclaimer: Be sure to check whether your sampler synthesizer is capable of playing single cycle waveform or not.

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