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Melodic Pluck Melodic Pluck Melodic Pluck Melodic Pluck Melodic Pluck Melodic Pluck
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Latest Mac, Windows or Linux that support VPS Avenger version 1.4.10 or above
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For technical issues mail us at rdgaudios@gmail.com
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Melodic Pluck

Melodic Pluck Vengeance Avenger is a Trance, EDM Pluck library. Extensively designed for quick melody creation, it comes with over 128 Presets having 25 Arps, 20 Chords, 15 Sequences, 12 Effects, 52 Plucks and 5 Pads. It also comes with 12 Drum Kits, 12 Drum Sequences, 27 Re-sampler, 24 Wave Shapes, 16 Wave tables.

We have recreated some sounds from our Custom Saw Pluck Wave Shapes. And some presets are coming from our previous Trance Pluck Expansion. Which comes free with this Pack.


  • 25 Arps.
  • 20 Chords.
  • 15 Sequences.
  • 12 Effects.
  • 52 Plucks.
  • 5 Pads.

Total 129 Presets.


  • 129 HQ Pluck Presets.
  • Melodies are inside Arps and Sequences.
  • Chords melodies are embedded inside Chords.
  • Minor and Major Chords.
  • Sustain 2-4 and Advanced 9th Chords.
  • Micro Knob to On /Off Kick from Sequences.
  • 11 Drum Kits.
  • 12 Drum Sequences.
  • 27 Re-sampler (RSMPL).
  • 24 Single Cycle Wave Shapes.
  • 16 Wave Tables.
  • Ready to make EDM, Trance, Trap, Pop, House Pluck Chord, Lead, Arp, Rif.

{See video at top of page}




VPS Avenger Requirement

Vengeance Producer Suite [VPS] Avenger 1.4.10 or latest required. Get the VPS Avenger Synthesizer from: vengeance-sound.com


How to Install


Extract the folder(s)
1) First install Trance Pluck.avengercontent (Which comes Free with this pack).

Open Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger then.

Go to –> SYS Tab > Content > Import Content then.

locate Trance Pluck.avengercontent.

2) Install the Melodic Pluck Expansion with the same process...

Go to –> SYS Tab > Content > Import Content then.

locate Melodic Pluck.avengercontent.

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