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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

FL Studio
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Windows 8.1 or later   FL Studio will work on older versions of Windows, but it is not supported. Use the time-unlimited trial to test. 
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macOS 10.13.6 or later
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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

FL Studio is a full-featured, open architecture, music production environment capable of audio recording, composing, sequencing and mixing, for the creation of professional quality music.

The FL Studio philosophy is creative freedom:

  • Free your audio - Instruments can be routed to any mixer track. Each mixer track can receive audio from any number of instruments, any number of other mixer tracks and a soundcard input. Further, mixer track outputs allow sending audio to any other mixer track and a soundcard output.
  • Free your mind - Choose your preferred workflow, compose using the step-sequencer or piano roll. Create in pattern or track mode, then arrange your ideas in the free 'palette' Playlist. The Playlist presents timeline as a virtual 'canvas' where each Playlist track can simultaneously hold any number of score, audio and automation events.


  • Make virtually any sound - FL Studio includes over 30 software synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar, multi-sampler tools including piano & strings, general sample playback and beat-slicing (With Rex 1 & 2 support).
  • Synthesis techniques - span subtractive, modelling, FM, RM, granular and additive. With FL SynthMaker you can further create & share your own FL instruments, effects & MIDI control dashboards without the need to write basic code.

Audio Recording & Editing:

  • Multi-channel audio inputs - With the ability to simultaneously capture all the inputs on your audio-interface, FL Studio has the flexibility to record a single vocalist, guitar or a full symphony orchestra.
  • Arranging audio - Audio can then be arranged, with complete freedom in the Playlist. Features include the ability to host an unlimited number of audio recordings, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, beat-slicing, cropping, editing and the re-arranging of audio with complete creative freedom.
  • Edison - FL Studio's audio capabilities are further enhanced with Edison, the recording wave editor. Edison is an integrated audio editing and recording tool with spectral analysis, convolution reverb, noise reduction, loop-recording, loop-construction tools and more.

FL Studio supports WAV, MP3, OGG, WavPack, AIFF, and REX audio formats.


  • Pattern or track sequencing - You choose, record your musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL Studio 9 can simultaneously function as a pattern and track based sequencer.
  • Step sequencer or Piano roll - Tools include a Step-sequencer, a Piano roll, event and multipoint automation. FL Studio supports MIDI input from all standard controllers.


  • Determine your own project design - In FL Studio 9, you decide how your project will be laid out. The Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded workspace where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged and edited to suit your creative ideas and preferred workflow.

Mixing & Mastering:

  • The mixer - 104-track stereo track mixer that is about precision, control and flexibility. The mixer's tracks each hold up to 8 effects (VST, DX or FL's proprietary format). To create sub-mixes or mixing chains of almost unlimited complexity, each mixer track can be routed to any other mixer track, one of 4 dedicated 'send' channels and or the Master track. Sends provide the ability to sidechain inputs to multi-input effects plugins. Finally, each of the mixer tracks can be routed to any output on your audio interface.
  • Effects - FL Studio includes more than 40 effects spanning maximization, limiting, compression, delay, distortion, equalization (graphic & parametric), filtering, phasing, flanging, chorus, vocoding and reverb. These have you covered for the creative broad-brush effects, through to the minutia of the mastering process.

Lifetime free updates:

  • Never pay for bug-fixes again - Customers who purchase a download edition of FL Studio through Image Line's online shop receive lifetime free downloadable updates. Free updates entitles the customer to all future updates of FL Studio according to level purchased (Express, Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle). For example, all FL Studio 12 customers will be able to download their version of FL Studio 13, 14, etc., for free.
  • Boxed Edition - Customers who have the Boxed version don't miss out and can convert to lifetime free downloadable updates for a small additional fee.

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User Reviews Average user rating of 4.39 from 5 reviews Add A Review
FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Reviewed By Chipi [all]
May 12th, 2021
Version reviewed: 20 on Windows

FL Studio is a tremendous piece of software to musically create any song in any genre imaginable. Those who lock it down to one musical style don't know what they are talking about. The interface is flawless, fast, lightning fast, intuitive and modern. One of the best on the market, above Pro-Tools, which is an old and boring dinosaur. Creating a good sounding track, cutting it and editing it is so easy in FL Studio! The editing and sound modules, compressors, limiters, etc. are excellent! When you first open FL studio it takes about 3 seconds, Mixcraft 9 takes three times as long, Studio One takes almost 30 seconds or more. There are many who say that a DAW has no sound of its own, but the FL Studio console lives when you add editors, compressors, etc., the sound shoots up to an incredible quality. In Mixcraft for comparison, it sounds flat and muffled, the same as in Studio One or Bitwig. In FL Studio the sound is fat, creamy and dense, modern and elegant at the same time, making the producers ears can have a close vision of what the final master will sound like. What I don't like about FL studio is that sometimes the mouse click behaves unpredictably, the synths you assign are not automatically associated to a channel and that's a bit confusing. Some of the built-in synthesizers are mediocre sounding and unintuitive, not all of them...Directwave sounds like Kontakt the same, Sytrus sounds incredibly clean and analog at the same time, it's like having a Korg Chrome inside FL Studio. FLEX is great for pads and atmospheric sounds. The Patcher where you can mix anything you can think of responds like a tool out of this world! The piano-roll that works here works wonders and there is no current DAW that can come close in its performance and versatility, a marvel for composing well and fast. If you don't use any DAW yet and you are thinking about one, don't hesitate with FL Studio, it's a dream DAW, it's perfect? NO, but it will make you smile in every song you compose, produce and listen to with it.

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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Reviewed By psyyps [all]
April 17th, 2020
Version reviewed: 20.6.2 on Windows

I use this Daw from the version fl loops 4, .

I like this Daw, are interface is not frozen, these keyboard shortcuts, these synths particularly Harmor.

and Patcher to mix the VST is super powerful.
I also like the Fruity peak controller and the envelope controller to control our virtual instrument and effect
we have everything with this software, we can even make videos with ZgameEditor it's perfect.

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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Reviewed By Music Bird [all]
April 7th, 2020
Version reviewed: 12 on Windows

I use FL Studio 12 to make all of my music. It has so many great plugins and sounds and lots of lovely effects and features that I feel like anyone would like.

Instruments: 100/100:

Sytrus is one of my favorite softsynths for synth sounds. It is good because it can do anything ranging from subtractive, to FM, to additive. Minisynth and GMS are good subtractive synths, as is SimSynth. DX10 is good for randomizing patches because you can get amazing results.

DAW features: 100/100.

It is full of features that many people would like.

I think FL is very flexible, it has tons of piano roll stuff like quantization.

Quality: 100/100.

I love the quality of this DAW. It has tons of nice features. I am able to use Synth1, Dexed, Korg Legacy, and others seamlessly.

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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Reviewed By KMJoshi [all]
June 5th, 2017
Version reviewed: 12.4 on Windows

In my test, I was able to get standard sounds using FL Studio. The synths you get are fantastic. While they do not have many presets, you can always learn them inside-out by simply reading the user's manual. That, and the user's manual also contains many tips for getting a commercial quality music. The stock effect plugins are excellent as well.

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FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Reviewed By johnny.w [all]
May 11th, 2017
Version reviewed: 12 on Windows

I am, I admit, a newbie to FL Studio, and not an owner yet. But I have a few things to say from my evaluation of the demo. THe program has among the best VST synths included of anything else I've tried. What is a drag, tho, is the need to use the presets "browser" over and over--due to the lack of a true well-done browser in the softsynths, even on flagship Sytrus. Having a "spreadsheet" preset menue, as on Sytrus, which upon selection of a preset closes is absurd. The process of selecting a preset can take time, and SHOULD NOT involve dozens of unnecessary mouse clicks. For examples of a great browser in a synth see Tone2 Rayblaster or Electra2. SO, despite being a newbiw, I'll drop a feature suggestion right now for FL Studio. In the browser, under "generators", each icon should have a sub-icon which on clicking opens that generator's presets. The way it is, having to return to the main browser menu, find the "generator presets, than the particular generator, then the presets is a very poor example of "workflow".

I also find the step sequencer over ridgid, and involves way too many clicks to work smoothly. DragnDrop is always good, but the program's architecture needs work. What I would think should be "intuitive" is not so intuitive. Part is my inexperience with FL Studio, but I am no novice to using DAWs in general. The DrangnDrop is not as intuitive as it could be. The program is not quite--tho almost--worth the VSTs alone.Having said that, FPC does not work, makes no sound, even the presets don't play. The drum implementation --in terms of poundage of drum dreck in the machine, with specialized Kick, Sampler, etc----- requires making "beats" from scratch. Why make ridiculous drum loops when there are so many great loops available? FL Studio should include a bunch of high-quality MIDI drum loops. Final word: way too much clicking needed in the browser.

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