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Drum Leveler
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Intel Duo 2GHz or faster, OpenGL 2.1-compatible graphics card, 4GB RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
System Requirements
Intel Mac Dual Core 2GHz or faster, 4GB RAM, Mac OS X, 10.7 or higher
License & Installation Method
Instant (Challenge Response / Authorization Code)
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Drum Leveler

Drum Leveler is a ground-breaking beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander. By selectively applying gain to single drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target
level for each beat, without affecting bleed noise or beats that are out of the user-defined processing range.

Unlike traditional envelope-followers and VCA's, Drum Leveler runs an advanced new algorithm that takes full advantage of modern CPU's allowing unparalleled control over your drums'

Drum Leveler is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid driving grooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.


  • Transparent beat detection-based simultaneous upward & downward compressor and expander.
  • Applies gain to each beat individually to achieve a set target level.
  • Gain reduction and expansion are transient-accurate to the drum beat for natural, distortion-free transients reproduction.
  • Dual threshold levels allow processing any level range to affect only specific beats within a track such as ghost notes or bleed without affecting other beats.
  • Mono, Stereo, Dual Mono and Mid/Side operation modes.
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Side-Chain Key Input - Use external input to trigger pads, reverbs with drum grooves to create unique moving soundscapes and harmonic movement.
  • Gate - Take control over your bleed, or boost it to your liking.
  • Soft-Clipper - Crank it up. Peaks over 0dB will be pleasantly rounded.
  • Tempo-Synced Recovery and Retrigger times.

  • Mac Voice-Over support for the visually impaired.
  • Native Insruments NKS Support.

Click here to check out an introduction video to Drum Leveler by Dan Worrall {See video at top of page}

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