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Down and dirty, our take on this classic and vital effect is a time tested classic, embellished by our own custom touches. Use this plugin to alter the dynamic range of your signals and you will not be disappointed! Here is the quick low-down on all of it.

Incredible Versatility

SC Compressor isn't designed to replace every type of compressor out there; after all, there are many great options specifically for vocals, the master-bus, and multi-band compression, among other things. Instead, we aimed to make our compressor a more generalist tool — a one-stop shop that covers most user needs.

That's why we implemented different modes to our compressor. In addition to the usual downward compression, you can also configure it for upward compression, as well as upward/downward expansion. This is great for shaping the sound in all kinds of ways, whether you want a denoiser, limiter, expander, or gate.


For advanced users, we include a sidechain input and mid-side mode. We've made it very easy to configure for pumping, like the synth swelling {See video at top of page}. The mid-side mode is configurable to allow for some very exotic combinations (compress the side signal with the mid, the mid with the side, the side with the side, leave the side untouched and compress only the mid, etc).


We added a filter to the detector, so you can choose exactly how the compression reacts to the signal. You could, for example, set it to only target the bass hits. Advanced options, like the auto release, allow you to avoid pumping, or set the release longer to get the offbeat swells characteristic of techno tracks.

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