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Dual Spring Reverb
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Windows 10
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macOS 10.11
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Dual Spring Reverb

Dual Spring Reverb is the first ever plugin to model wave propagation in helical springs. The audio engine is built entirely upon the simulation of the inherent physical equations. This gives creative control of the setup of the springs, allowing you to design your own unique sound.

Dual Spring Reverb has two separate springs which can be configured independently. Both springs have controls for the echo time and chirp cutoff frequency, and you can set the chirps to spread out over time. In addition there are global controls for the level of 'boing', the damping and tone, as well as a 7-band mode equalizer. Stereo output is taken from the ends of each spring and these are mixed together via a cross-fade. Altogether this allows for a huge range of spring tones that can be tailored to your individual material.

The plugin uses a purely mathematical model of spring vibration to create sound. Our modelling starts from a description of wave propagation in elastic helical structures. The physical properties such as length, wire radius, and pitch angle are then mapped to the perceptual parameters as detailed above. From there we create a discrete modal system which is updated over time.


- Independent echo time and chirp cut-off controls for each spring.

- 7-band mode equalizer section.

- Modelled pre-amp drive unit.

- Reverb pre-delay.

{See video at top of page}

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