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Dynamics Controller by FLUX::
Elixir Essential
What is it?
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / 11 – 64-bit only
System Requirements
macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and latest
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True natural sounding, preserving natural timbre of the material, ITU-R BS.1770 / EBU R128 compliant real True Peak output, up to 16 channels for multichannel/immersive workflows including Dolby Atmos.

All Features

True Peak conforming with ITU-R and EBU norms
Meeting the broadcast, post-production, and mastering industry norms with real True Peak output in accordance with the ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R128 norms.

Now supporting up to 16 channels
Provides up to 16 channels of processing, operating at sample rates up to 384kHz.

Multistage processing in up to 4 stages
The multistage processing provides the option to set the algorithm to perform the limiting processing in multi-stages with up to 4 stages, for even more precise and natural sounding results.

Revamped optimized user interface
The GUI has been completely modernized, with the workflow overhauled to enhance the user experience, and optimized to visually control the whole audio content.

Now with scalable user interface in 6 steps
The user interface is now scalable in 6 steps to easily adapt to the screen resolution of the DAW workstation; 800×600, 1000×750, 1200×900, 1300×975, 1600×1200, and 2000×1500.

Full control over the gain structure
Input / Output Gain (-12/+12 dB) applied to the limiter input, and to the output stage of the limiter.

True bypass
True bypass routing the incoming signal direct to the output for a true smooth transition between clean and processed signal.

New presets
New presets meeting the output true-peak recommendations for Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Netflix.

Preset and Parameter Handling

Preset/Parameter slots
To enhance the workflow the two Preset/Parameter slots, A and B, can be loaded with two full set of parameters at the same time. Apart from saving each preset, a "Global Preset" containing both the A and B settings, and the position of the "Morphing Slider", can be saved.

Parameter Morphing Slider with Automation
The Morphing Slider provides morphing between the parameter settings of slot A/B allowing for really creative and useful real-time tweaking. Enabling the Automation control button exposes the Morphing Slider to the host automation.

Immersive audio production, including Dolby Atmos

With Immersive Audio being the new driving force in the entertainment industry a new era in audio production is taking shape. Elixir Essential supports up to 16 channels of processing making it the indispensable tool for Immersive Audio production, including Dolby Atmos workflows. You can either control the dynamic of the multiple 7.1.2 beds you are sending to the Dolby renderer, or, limit your monitoring level.

Natural precise and musical result with stage processing

For truly delicate and fine processing tasks, Elixir Essential presents an innovative concept called Stages, providing the option to set the algorithm to perform the limiting processing in multi-stages with up to 4 stages in order to achieve even more precise and natural sounding results.

Example: If the threshold is set to -3 dB and the Stages parameter set to 3, the first stage will limit at -1dB, the second stage will limit at -2dB and the third will limit at -3dB, with analyzing performed in each of the three stages.

Quick and easy setup

Elixir's straightforward user interface makes it exceptionally easy to achieve great results, even under a tight deadline. Simply set the input level, adjust the Threshold according to the amount of limiting desired, and finally enable Make Up for gain compensation and loudness addition – That's it.

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