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Serato Studio 2



Serato Studio 12 Month Subscription

Serato Studio
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Windows 10
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Mohave 10.14 or above
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Serato Studio 2

Serato Studio - The Ultimate Beat Maker

Serato Studio is the go-to DAW for making beats. Studio's sample-based workflow removes all the technical clutter so producers can get right into the flow.

Take your beats to the next level with Studio's built-in sampler - the same one used by some of the biggest hit-makers in the world. Music theory or gear isn't required, Studio has innovative tools that can get you playing chords and melodies with ease. You can also make musical decisions swiftly with the ability to change your entire project key and BPM with just two clicks.

Key features of Serato Studio:

  • Master Key and BPM - Let the project key automatically update as you start making your beat. Adjust the BPM to extremes with world-class Pitch 'n Time stretching.
  • Quality Content Built-in - Studio comes with a huge amount of built-in drum kits, instruments, audio loops and samples, all for free. With content delivered every month.
  • Simple Sequencer - Get creative with your drum patterns using the simple and easy-to-use 808-style step sequencer.
  • Preset drum patterns - Use our 'Make Beats' button to get inspired with over 300 pre-made drum patterns across a range of different genres.
  • Auto Chord Mode - Instantly create chords without knowing music theory.
  • Play-in-Key Mode - No need to understand advanced music theory. Play In Key Mode will only give you the keys that will sound good with your project. You can turn it off if you know what you're doing.
  • Serato Colored waveforms - See your audio and MIDI sequences in Serato's famous colored waveforms. Tell at a glance if something has too much bass or treble.
  • Set Endless Slicer - Use the Autoset features to instantly Slice up your Audio File.

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User Reviews Average user rating of 5.00 from 2 reviews Add A Review
Serato Studio 2

Reviewed By AxlMaldini [all]
February 4th, 2023
Version reviewed: v.2.1.1 on Windows

Serato Studio is a fantastic DAW for the musician of electronic music or any other genre. Ideas flow very quickly and avoid complicated and difficult to access menus. Everything is simplified in the new version 2.1.2, together with the fantastic real-time STEMS extraction and true manipulation, you can create a musical idea in a few minutes. FL Studio 21 has this option but you can't do it in real time. In SERATO STUDIO selecting a sound from the waveform and sending it to a PAD and then sequencing it is a matter of two seconds. WONDERFUL! The VST3 support and the unlimited effects you can use per track, per pad or per sound make it a professional level DAW, with an insane final sound! From FL Studio 21 the final WAV export always sounds poor, dull and closed, but from SERATO STUDIO it exports exactly what you hear inside the DAW. The Limiter and EQ and compression sound excellent, but do NOT have access to the individual parameters, hopefully you can edit at least some parameters in future updates. I would also like to have 32 bars in the sequencer as it is now limited in that regard. Thanks to the SERATO STUDIO Development team a lovely DAW for the modern musician~.

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Serato Studio 2

Reviewed By Chipi [all]
April 24th, 2022
Version reviewed: v 2.1 on Windows

  • Updated review:

**The new version of Serato Studio 2.1 has improved a lot, the current ability to use unlimited effects per Pads/tracks has opened up the possibility of expanding the production immensely.

The STEMS separation works great and the audio quality is impeccable. Thanks for implementing VST3, excellent! I just need to be able to freely record MIDI or at least expand to 64 measure instead of 8!! 2024 guys please! Thanks SERATO Team, one of the best DAW in bussiness ♥.

  • Updated review:
  • 6/5/2023.
  • The fact that it will not accept plugins in VST3 format in 2023 makes it obsolete with many of the tools that are produced and no longer support VST2, Serato programmers, enable VST3 in Serato now, not in 2024 or 2025, thank you!

A professional composing tool for the professional musician, with professional sound and excellent effects. The editing, programming and composing flow of a track makes it a wonderful companion when it comes to getting inspiration and fast music composition results. It uses VSTs of any type and handles them with excellence and very low CPU consumption.

The effects that it already incorporates are of great quality although they can not be edited in depth, but surely it will be able to in next updates. The new version 1.7 incorporates 16 pads per group which makes it fantastically well and the incorporation of the mixer and the automation of each sample in real time make this work tool something incredible.

I can record a drum line, give an independent effect to each sound in the kit and then record automation of panning, equalization filters, etc. all in real time and recorded to perfection and all in seconds.

The final sound is a gem, no clicks or delays of any kind. The project saves and opens very quickly and never loses any sample along the way, very nice Serato!

I can export every Stem in my mix in seconds and then master it separately in any mastering software. Serato is a gem of inspiration, ideas, concepts and fast elaboration of any musical style, but I have found it genius for original electronic music compositions specifically. Thanks to the Serato Studio development team! A phenomenal DAW 2022!

Audio quality
• Effects
• Pads
• Automatization of each sample
• Easy to use
• Professional
• A new great mixer :)
• The composition blocks and workflow
• How well handling any professional VST (instruments and effects)
Low Low CPU resources (Awesome!)
• Inexpensive
• With a lot of room for future updates!
• Export Steams and or entire project
Project saved always re-call exactly as it was 'saved'
Never loosing 'samples' or broken sounds
• A gem for Hip-Hop, Funk and or any electronic style
• Wave interface and sample manipulation, as it's best.

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