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Finisher NEO
What is it?
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System Requirements
Windows 8 or later
2 GB of RAM
0.2 GB of Disk Space
1280x768px Display
Internet Connection
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
2 GB of RAM
0.2 GB of Disk Space
1280x768px Display
Internet Connection
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Finisher NEO

Infinite Instant Inspiration
NEO delivers endless sonic variety and takes you where no audio effect has gone before.

Inspiration – Without Getting Lost
The Finisher is a new series of audio effect plug-ins for contemporary sound design. It was designed to combine the whole range of audio processors and effects while guaranteeing fail proof operations, as you are used to with UJAM products. Best of all, it prevents you from composing a bland and boring track ever again.

What's in There?

  • Pro-grade audio effect plug-in.
  • 27 algorithms from granular pitch to multi-band distortion.
  • 50 Modes – complex multi-effect chains made by pro sound designers.
  • Uber-easy operation via macro controls.

Futuristic FX
NEO stands for forward-thinking and bold exploration of new frontiers, that's exactly what this plug-in is about. It's the first of its kind in the world, and a sheer endless source of inspiration for modern, epic, action-packed and thrilling audio effects. Imagine a channel strip with virtually unlimited slots for effect processors, all of which can be switched on and off at the change of the Mode.

Features at a Glance
Finisher NEO comes with 50 carefully sound-designed effect configurations built from 27 different algorithms – from Grain Pitch to Multiband Distortion, from simple Stereo Delays to Convolution. Three macro knobs give you full control without the hassle. Tweak or automate the Effect knob for musically stunning sonic shifts, and adjust Variation 1 and Variation 2 to make every effect your own.

The Variation knob lets you adjust musically useful changes to the current Mode – switch delay times, set EQ characteristics, change distortion curves and much more, often at the same time.

Keep It Simple and Focus on Your music
UJAM helps you focus on the only important thing: Your music. The interface is kept extremely simple to inspire sound design, but without the headaches. There is no complicated setup, no tons of knobs and buttons. So, without a learning curve or sound designer knowledge it is great for musicians, producers, and even podcasters. You just flip through the ready-made Modes (scripted and automated multi-effect chains under the hood) and enjoy the most straight-forward and delightful sound-design process ever.

Enjoy being freed from the pressure to know what's going on. Trust your ears to be inspired – and make your tracks more beautiful, interesting, bigger, tougher, or change them entirely – while your focus remains on your music.

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Finisher NEO
Reviewed By zisser
November 19, 2020

The Finisher NEO is both creative and practical multi-effect plugin.
With just few controls you can get so much.

The Finisher NEO is based on 27 effects algorithms which are combined to create 50 modes. For each mode you have two controls for variations and one main effect control. Automating the controls is part of the magic for creating evolving sounds and effects.

SPREAD Expand and widen your signal adding ambiences, echoes and granular harmonics. Reverb, Delay, Grain Pitch.

STIR Modulation Effects that modulate and stir up some frequency, phase or other aspect of the signal Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary.

CRUSH Destroys, degrades and distorts the signal in multiple creative ways from distortion to frequency range reduction to adding noise. Distortion, LoFi.

SHAPE Shape the spectral character of the signal using filtering or other strong effects changing the spectrum of the signal. EQ, Filter, Convolution.

BOOST These Modes help boosting the signal in the mix by dynamic or frequency changes EQ, Dynamics, Multiband.

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