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Support: info@isovoxbooth.com

ISOVOX is an award-winning innovative company from Sweden. Duly designing products so anyone can practise and record vocals like the pros, but at home or away without disturbing their neighbours, now enters the world of software to unlock new potential.
Its inaugural ISOVOX 2 vocal booth — featuring four layers of super acoustic materials with patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic Construction to control sound waves from all angles (roof, top,
bottom, behind, and front), enhancing vocal details and reducing overall volume with a warm and punchy sound without any detrimental breathing particles, unlike any other portable product — found
favour with multi-million-selling British singer-songwriter Seal and Los Angeles-based songwriter, recording/mix/mastering engineer, and music producer par excellence Luke Pimentel, to list but a few notable
names. ISOMIC is its follow-up, a masterly microphone technically tailored for voice recording within the ISOVOX 2 vocal booth and guaranteed to capture voices like never before, thanks to its
revolutionary patented triangular capsule capable of delivering a radio-ready sound with an ear-opening 7 Hz to 87 kHz frequency range! Representing the world's most exclusive pro-performance pop
filter, the latest — limited-edition ISOPOPTM 24K Gold 24K — product is a gold-plated brushed aluminium affair aimed at collectors worldwide who have always wanted to make a Gold record with the
finest gear in the world, while its ISOPOPTM Premium sibling — shipping in three color choices — represents an alternative premium product at a more down-to-earth-price.

IsoPlug - Vocal & Voice Over Channel Strip
IsoPlug - Vocal & Voice Over Channel Strip
Channel Strip by ISOVOX
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macOSWindows VST VST3 Audio Unit

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