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Lens is a spectral dynamics processor with unbelievable punch and clarity.


  • Multi-band compression without cross-over phase shifts.
  • EQ with constant phase without ringing.
  • Up to 64 companders, all working together on a stereo signal.
  • Simultaneous control of sidechain EQ and output EQ.
  • Removing information that is masked by nearby components.
  • Clean "Over The Top" multiband upwards compression.

LENS gives you all of that.

Available in different versions:

  • Lens Full Edition gets all the features.
  • Lens Free Edition lacks the Expander section.
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Reviewed By Vospi [all]
December 22nd, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Lens proved to be an essential part of my free toolkit. Beautiful idea and execution, if you're intricately familiar with multiband compression. You could use it without such knowledge, but its utility and innovation really shines when you understand the problems that mb-comp tries to solve - or plugin designers try to solve when sketching the product out.

Up to 64 bands with great fast control in one window, linear phase and a manageable CPU overhead? This is extremely useful for sounddesign, and I can't be grateful enough for the free version, as it makes so, so easy to recommend this to students. Yes, Pro-MB offers a very fine-tuned control, but not only it is around $200, but also it's a different beast at the end of the day.

I don't know anything like Lens, and I became a fan in the first day.

My applause to you, Auburn, you did it again.

Response from Guillaume Piolat from Auburn Sounds on December 28th, 2022

Thanks, it's an honour. It's not "linear phase", it's more "constant phase", you pay a constant phase cost for passing into Lens.

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