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KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX Synth Modular KarmaFX Synth Modular KarmaFX Synth Modular KarmaFX Synth Modular KarmaFX Synth Modular
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
VST 2.4+, Windows XP/7/8/10/11 Intel Pentium/AMD with SSE (32/64-bit). Min.2.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 200MB disk space.
System Requirements
AUv2, VST 2.4+, OS X 10.9 or later (32/64-bit). Min.2.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 200MB disk space.
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Important Note
Mac and PC versions are separate purchases, with 50% discount.
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KarmaFX Synth Modular

The award-winning KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 is an advanced and highly flexible Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit. Its amazing visual- and highly intuitive user interface lets you modulate just about any knob or slider by any control signal – making the soundscape possibilities almost endless.

The Through-Zero-Frequency, Bandlimited Oscillators with Pulsewidth-, Phase- and Frequency-Modulation, and exclusive Synced Exponential FM offers a unique sound. It features Dual Oscillators with HardSync, Multi-Sample-, Additive/Wavetable-, Pad- and Granular-Synthesis, not to mention a great collection of Virtual Analog Multi-Mode Filters, Parametric Filters, Graphical Equalizers, and a wide range of effects: Distortion, Delay, Chorus/Flange, Reverb, Folder, Phaser, Limiter, Maximizer plus Single- and Multi-Band Compression.

Any knob can be modulated by any modulation source, giving you full control using Envelopes, LFOs, ADSRs, HFOs, Step sequencers or even audio modules or external inputs. The true audio-rate digital simulation of analog voltage levels produces a sound quality that rivals even expensive hardware synthesizers.

All signals are shown visually for every module, making it not just easier and more intuitive to work with, but also an excellent learning tool. A comprehensive User's Manual and tons of bundled patches make it easy to get started producing your own unique sounds. Intuitive and fully skinnable GUI with bundled skins supporting HiDPI/Retina GUI scaling up to 200%.

MIDI Expression so parameters can respond to Mod.Wheel, Aftertouch and Velocity inputs, MIDI Polyphonic Expression support (MPE) for per-note Pitchbend and Timbre and 128 user-assignable Automation controls with MIDI Learn.

KarmaFX Synth Modular 2: Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit featuring:

  • Full Modular patching of synth Components and Controls.
  • Patches are built using Generators, Filters, Amplifiers, Controllers, Effects and Modulators.
  • Internal high-frequency digital simulation of analog voltage levels.
  • Oscillator with phase, Detune and Pulsewidth that generates standard synth waveforms.
  • Dual Oscillator with Detune, Hardsync and Ring modulation.
  • Sampler, 16/24/32-bit Mono/Stereo multi sample player that imports WAV/SF2/SFZ files.
  • Multisample editing with Key/Velocity-ranges and Loop-Points.
  • Additive and Pad module with waveform and Harmonic Magnitude/Phase editors.
  • User defined waveforms and built-in presets of up to 1024 harmonics.
  • Granular module for sample-based granular synthesis with variable grain size/rate.
  • 2/4 Pole Resonant Multimode Filters with Cutoff, Resonance, Saturation and Drive.
  • Resonant Filters (LP/HP/BP/BS): SVF, SVF2, SKF, Zolzer, Moog, Moog2, Acid, and MS20.
  • Additional filters include Formant, Comb, Allpass, Parametric and Shelving.
  • EQ3, 3 band equalizer with adjustable crossover frequencies, and 2 and 4 pole modes.
  • 10-band digital and 31-band simulated analog Graphic Equalizers.
  • Amplifier and Stereo module with Panning, Volume and Velocity control.
  • Two channel Mixer with Ring modulation and Circuit Bending Bit Shuffle operations.
  • Inverter for Amplitude Modulation, and Mid/Side module for stereo separation.
  • Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Chorus/Flange, Pitchshift, BitShuffler and Distortion effects.
  • Soft-knee Compressor with Peak/RMS detection and optional Sidechain.
  • Folder, Limiter, Repeater, Soft Clipper and 3-band Multiband Compressor with Peak/RMS detection.
  • 10 Octave/12 Note Pitch control with Detune, Portamento and Pitchbend support.
  • Choose between Mono, Legato, or up to 16-voice true Polyphony.
  • Controllers for Frequency Modulation (FM) and frequency/phase control.
  • Support for Linear FM, Phase Modulation, and Exponential FM with Exponential frequency Sync.
  • Generators support Through-Zero frequency, and optional High Quality (HQ) 16x oversampling.
  • Up to 16 channel Unison controller with Detune and Stereo pan spread.
  • 32 step, 4 octave Pattern controller with Hold, Loop, Legato, Sustain and programmable Arpeggiator.
  • Custom arpeggiator note masking with programmable scales and 30+ scale presets.
  • Scope Module with synced, multi-layered oscilloscope, frequency and phase displays.
  • Keyboard module for MIDI visualization and manual MIDI triggering, with Pitchbend/ModWheel.
  • Bipolar/Unipolar LFO with Tempo Sync, HFO with FM/Phase Modulation option + Fade and Keyb. Tracking.
  • ADSR and Multipoint Envelopes with Linear, Exponential, Hermite and Cubic curves.
  • 32 step Step Sequencer, Envelope follower, Sample & Hold and Decay modules.
  • Shaper module for custom waveshaping.
  • Output module with Panning, DC removal, Volume and Clip control.
  • Noise generator, filtered Pink, White and Brown Noise with Frequency Sync control.
  • PanSpread stereo expander with individual low and high spread + crossover frequency adjustment.
  • Sonic Maximizer emulation module with Low Contour, Process and Peak Detector.
  • Input generator so synth can function as an Insert effect.
  • SubPatch generator and effect modules for re-using patches within other patches.
  • Number of simultaneously running modules supported per patch is practically unlimited.
  • Full stereo support (selected modules can run in mono to save CPU cycles).
  • Expression option, so parameters can respond to MIDI Mod.Wheel, Aftertouch and Velocity inputs.
  • Instant visual feedback on all controls. Frequency, Time/Amplitude, Modulation, etc.
  • Visually see signals, and knob's and slider's modulation-values in real-time, as they are modulated.
  • Fast trigger and output response, with zero latency and tight latency compensation.
  • Up to 128 simultaneously running internal voices (Polyphonic and Unison combined).
  • MIDI modulator modules for MIDI Controller, Velocity, Aftertouch and Pitchbend input.
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression support (MPE) for per-note Pitchbend, Aftertouch and Timbre.
  • Synth frequency can be offset from "Concert Pitch" (from 440Hz to e.g., 432Hz).
  • 128 user-assignable Automation controls with MIDI Learn.
  • Control Panel & Patch Browser for quickly navigating patches and banks with search filtering.
  • Fully skinnable GUI: Skins bundled with the installation support HiDPI/Retina GUI scaling up to 200%.
  • Fully customizable GUI resolution of up to 4096 x 2048 (default is 1500 x 1000).
  • Customizable GUI patch-cables can be shown as linear, curved and dangling.
  • 5 banks of pre-made KarmaFX patches + Extra userbanks. (More than 1000+ patches total).
  • Additional Online Banks can be downloaded and installed from inside the synth.
  • Full VST 2.4+ support on PC/Windows and Audio Unit/VST 2.4+ support on Mac/OS X.
  • Available for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X in both 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • A 120 page User's Manual in PDF format is included with the registered version.

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User Reviews Average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews Add A Review
KarmaFX Synth Modular

Reviewed By trip [all]
December 5th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Aah, i´m first (the women would say "ooh, you´re first;-)). After recieving the full version in the recent weeks, it´s time for a review now.

User Interface
Karma comes with 3 skins. Personally i like the blue and syncro skin and the bouncy-wire-option:-). The whole modular-concept is very good thought-out and consumerfriendly illustrated (f.e. knob-movements or graphical-output). A great feature is the control-panel: you can minimize the whole synth (2x-click) to this display, where you can link knobs at freewill. This is very useful if you just want to play the synth and not program it. Maybe one small thing to beef is that only the input and not the output of the several modules can be displayed (right-click). This could be confusing in huge, unclear patches.

The sound is absolut fat and really analog. In my eyes it´s definitely not a sound for the inconspicuous background of a mix, altough can you do nice pads and ambient-like patches (yes i know, it all comes down to your programming-skills;-)). The filters are absolutely great, the envs have good speed and you have many sound-options like rm, fm, sync as well as several noise and env-choices.

There are 45 modules which you can copy and rewire as much as you like. What else dou you need?! For me the most noticeable features are: the different filter-types, the modulator-options with f.e. hfo, free progammable envs/ stepsequencer and the pad/additive generator.

It´s a good and extensive structured manual with many pictures and other graphical explanations,-). It didn´t leave unanswered question for me.

Alot and good quality. There´s an extra bank for effects only, which is nice for using karma as an fx-machine. Until now there are just a few banks from third parties, but i believe this changes quick;-).

Customer Support
I didn´t used it that much, so i have no complains.

Value For Money
As a prior donator i got it very low priced;-). But even for 80 euros it´s the ultimate bang for the buck. I don´t know any other synth in this pricerange (or in any other) which is as versatile and good-sounding like Karmafx.

It´s almost bug-free except some small blemsishs, in my case there were a few window-freezes in fl.

Conclusion: As it´s my first "real" modular synth, it´s hard for me to compare it with others. My reaktor-session is maybe better for sample-mangling and has better fx, but reaktor has far more time in developing. Karma is just a great playground and a good tool for learning how synthesizers work. Furthermore it has an outstanding sound which is the main factor i think;-).
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KarmaFX Synth Modular

Reviewed By MaliceX [all]
December 5th, 2007
Version reviewed: v1.00 on Windows

KarmaFX Synth Modular is damned excellent (probably one of the lowest-cost modular VSTi's available). While I don't have a powerful machine (therefore have to suffer with high CPU usage), the sound this thing can give out is outstanding.

Highly flexible routing options to obtain the sound you want, and it's easy to understand. The full version comes with a detailed manual with picture examples and clearly shows what this synth can do, in language most can understand.

The oscillator generators are clean, raw, and can be quite deep. With a maximum of 8 generators allowed of any following combination: 1-osc, 2-osc, sampler (not multisamples), additive, stereo pad and audio-input, it makes it quite easy to obtain a sound one wants.

It's got a great selection of filters, effects and modulation effects (a HFO, never seen that before in another synth! Never thought it was possible without breaking things.) The reverb and delay are pretty good quality. Chorus is a bit touchy to work with. I particularly like the chipper effect which switches around parts of a wave cycle to a different period based on its amplitude level. The Unison effect is GREAT. :D And damn those filters are obese! :)

My gripes with KarmaFX synth, other than the high CPU usage, is sometimes adding certain modulation modules to certain things will cause the computer to slow down considerably. Also, things like high polyphony and Unison really eat up CPU, and can cause a hang if you're not careful despite the highest limit hardcoded on the synth. Unison has a couple bugs with different, unconventional routings though that may be my fault. FM module doesn't sound the best and is a bit hard to use to get a reasonable sound out of it. And finally, the Pad generator's delay loading time. (in comparison to the similar-looking Additive generator.)

All in all, for about 150% the price of a full refill on petrol, this synth is a keeper. :D
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