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Marble 2

Engine Creative Modern Patterns Sequencer Modern by Cinematique Instruments
Marble 2 Marble 2 Marble 2
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There are the option to upgrade from Marble to Marble 2. Please contact us.
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Marble 2

MARBLE 2 is a modern creative inspiration source that is super easy to use.

With all its patterns and sequences - about 400- it provides building blocks for your musical ideas and lets you compose quickly. But of course, every one of its many parameters can be changed manually and in real-time.

A lot has changed with the upgrade. Besides 63 completely new sounds, Marble 2 has many new features like Sample Start Point Shift, Repetitions, Micro Tuning and many more. (see list below).

The successful Marble 2 concept goes into the 2nd round after six years - and it's worth it :).


MARBLE 2 is a creative music tool to help you quickly compose and implement your music ideas. MARBLE 2 is technically a two-track 16-step sequencer with the ability to edit every single step in terms of volume, pan, filter, tune, drive, reverb etc. To summarise, you have eleven parameters from which you can choose! To feed these two tracks, MARBLE 2 provides 63 different sound sources; some of them come in up to six times round robin with several dynamic layers.

But if that was not enough, MARBLE 2 allows you to shape the entire sound in real time. You have 13 manually and individually adjustable effects at your fingertips for each of the 127 steps on the table. To recall these effect settings, use the mod wheel – which runs through all 127 steps. You can now shape your sound in real time according to your requirements.

Please watch the Walkthrough: {See video at top of page}

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