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Oxford SuprEsser



for Pro Tools HD/HDX

Oxford SuprEsser
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Oxford SuprEsser

Simple and intuitive control of problem frequencies using a precision frequency-conscious compressor. It operates between 20Hz & 20kHz so can be used for much more than simple de-essing.

A specific frequency-band triggers the process when it passes your chosen threshold level.
The result is a gentler, more natural alternative to using a fixed EQ. The combination of 3 listen modes and a clear FFT display allows you to both hear and see where problem frequencies are – before dialling them out with a single control. There's a simple mode for quick fixes with an advanced mode for increased functionality and fine-tuning.

Key Features:

  • An award-winning Linear Phase Dynamic EQ.
  • Transparent and accurate control of aggressive frequencies.
  • Auto Level Tracking follows the energy of the input and applies same relative gain reduction as signal level changes perfect to de-ess a vocal that's quieter in a verse than the chorus.
  • Wet/Dry control for quick parallel processing.
  • Full audio spectrum operation (20Hz - 20kHz).
  • Native only plug-in. An optimized AAX DSP version, SuprEsser DS, is also available.
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Oxford SuprEsser

Reviewed By tommyzai [all]
July 29th, 2014
Version reviewed: 2.0.2 on Mac


Oxford SuprEsser by Sonnox is an amazing tool that helps users identify and correct target specific problem areas of the audio spectrum. As the names suggests, it's particularly good at reducing or eliminating excessive fricatives and sibilant consonants, such as "ch", "s", "sh", "ess", "t", "th", "z", etc. It also excels with cleaning up and softening other sonic artifacts, like harsh cymbal overtones. However, SuprEsser can also be used for removing pops and clicks as well as general compressor duties. The interface makes identifying and eliminating unwanted stuff simple. There is excellent control over the target area and amount of processing — I had no trouble dialing in and getting the desired results.


  • Scalable interface that is attractive and neatly organized.
  • Easy view simplifies use of basic features while Access view reveals the juicy stuff.
  • Graphics elements are excellent and illustrate exactly what's going on.
  • Auto Level Tracking eliminates the need to adjust the de-essing threshold as the track progresses in real-time.
  • Audio frequency range is selectable.
  • Ability to mix the amount of wet and dry signals being sent to the output.
  • Excellent presets to use as a start point.
  • Convenient preset manager.
  • Three different instances to choose from – regular, low latency and high resolution.
  • Natural sounding.
  • Innovative, responsive developers.


  • Uses a bit of CPU, but not that much and well worth it.
  • Requires an iLok for authorization, but this is also well worth it.


The best way to have a track free of excessive sibilant sounds is to perform and record cleanly; however, that's not always possible. That's where this fantastic plugin comes to the rescue. I use it to help speech challenged students hear their annunciation and pronunciation "corrected." It's a wonderful recording tool, and in my case — a wonderful teaching tool. I fully agree with another user who rightfully claims, "SuprEsser is a Swiss army knife of compression and a welcome addition to my plugin folder." I highly recommend SuprEsser to any eMusician, producer, film and game tracker, sound designer, etc., who is looking to reduce or remove unwanted lisping artifacts and other harsh audio without sacrificing wanted dynamics. With SuprEsser, the baby does not get thrown out with the dirty bathwater! Tracks sound as natural as natural can be. Tommy Zai gives SuprEsser two clean, crisp TH-umbs up! Thank you Sonnox, for creating such an amazing audio tool! Fantastic!!.

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