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Claro is a comprehensive EQ Plug-in that serves the production process from composition to final mix, with three distinct views, progressively adding deeper insight and precision to prevent mud, clutter, or harshness, helping you blend your tracks into a clear and balanced mix.


  • Claro's EQ is highly flexible, with each of its 26 bands offering:
    • A clean, musical-sounding EQ that resembles the well-loved Neve types, their modern derivatives and the SSL G Series, as well as many high-end outboard equalisers.
    • Left, Right, Mid, Side, Mono, or Stereo channel processing giving you the capability to correct, widen, narrow, or make space within each track.
    • A wide 20hz - 40kHz range. The extended high-frequency range offers a smooth, airy quality - excellent for vocals and mix busses.
    • Variable Q, including resonance and overshoot on the cut and shelving filters, respectively, giving you the ability to mimic classic synth filters and hardware EQ curves.
    • Variable slopes on all band shapes, up to super-steep (120dB per octave) for surgical work and treating precise audio bands.
    • Claro's automation is smooth and artefact-free, unlike most premium EQs.
  • Auto Gain uniquely keeps your track at the same loudness, no matter the signal content or how you choose to EQ it.
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Reviewed By MarulaMusic
December 6th, 2021

This is an inspired plugin. The workflow with Claro is so well thought out that it is now on every channel in all my projects. Shape sound with the simplified mode, all without ever increasing or decreasing your gain, then tweak as needed. The mix page is a real eye opener too and easily allows you to spot conflicting frequencies across your project.

This is right up there with Fabfilter's Pro-Q 3, but I actually find myself more comfortable with Claro. The simplified labeling for frequencies and the fact that all instances are aware of each other when working on mix mode, just make the whole EQíng second nature and feels a little slicker than Pro-Q 3. You're not getting dynamic bands or linear phase filters but then again, those aren't features I use all the time.

This sounds fantastic, feels fantastic and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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