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Total Studio 4 Max

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Total Studio 4 Max
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Total Studio 4 Max

Total Studio 4 Max is the newly updated and most extensive edition yet of our popular software suite for music creation.

Version 4 adds TONEX MAX, MODO BASS 2, MODO DRUM 1.5, AmpliTube MESA/Boogie 2 for AmpliTube, 12 new SampleTank libraries, 12 new Syntronik 2 synths, and 2 new T-RackS modules to keep your collection totally maxed out.

With a massive 170 included products, Total Studio 4 Max covers every stage of music production: composing, producing, designing, mixing, mastering and playing. With over 640 GB of rich, authentic sounds, plus over 500 ultra-realistic FX, Total Studio 4 MAX offers more than ever a complete solution for creating music in virtually any style.

Total Studio 4 MAX offers:

  • 170 of IK's most powerful music creation titles in one incredible bundle.
  • 66 plug-ins covering the entire creative process from composing to mastering.
  • Over 18,000 authentic-sounding instruments in every genre and style.
  • Endless tone tweaking, mixing and mastering with over 500 effects.
  • Instant inspiration with thousands of presets from top artists & engineers.
  • Seamless installation and updates via IK Product Manager.
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Total Studio 4 Max
Reviewed By glokraw
January 28th, 2023

Because of previous purchases, I happily filled in most of the gaps in my IK collection at a great price. So I received Mixbox with many hundreds of pro effects chain presets to study and use, a ton of guitar-legend setups and presets for the now MAXed Amplitube, T-racks MAX to fill out snow-days learning to mix and master from Warren & friends, with modeled effects gear I could only dream of owning...and some great SampleTank libs and Syntronik instruments. The MODO's are a bonus I've not had time to use...yet.

A tip: while waiting for a sampled instrument to load...P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E.

The sounds in IK instruments have a fullness that is rarely duplicated in bargain synths, and takes some work to duplicate in many high-end synths, and then only in the instances where similar sounds even exist...orchestras and soloist instruments not often being a synth's forte. IK's integration of effects is getting better with each major release, and makes a huge benefit for those studying what they now have.

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Total Studio 4 Max
Reviewed By vstdls
January 27th, 2023

Smidge of value in TRacks and Amplitude, but if you already have mainstay effects you're not getting much.

Syntronik and Samplitude are slow to browse presets and instruments even on a gen4 NVME drive, so there might be something good there, but who has the time. "Synths" are not synths but samples of synths. MODO Drum and MODO Bass are only V1 (V2 been out a while) and are not even complete: still offering to sell you kits on old software.

I regret the purchase. It will sit unused.

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Total Studio 4 Max
Reviewed By Doubl3 Gg
January 14th, 2023

So I had ORIGINAL T-Racks bootleg since 2006, THEN the T-Racks CS bootleg before deciding to go legit. Let me tell you, you can not beat the value in this VST program AND expansion. The effects are phenomenal and life changing as far as creativity and flow are concerned and I would highly recommend this to anyone doing their own recording and editing.

-Doubl3 Gg
Downtown L.A. and Vegas UnderGround

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