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Caribou Bundle
What is it?
Operating System Availability
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System Requirements
Multicore CPU, 64-bit operating system (min. Windows 7), 8 GB RAM, 500MB HDD, 1024×768 screen resolution, VST2 64-bit compatible audio host. AAX 64-bit operating system and DAW (PT 11 or higher).
System Requirements
Dual Core CPU, 64-bit operating system (min. OS X 10.9 – Mavericks), 8 GB RAM, 500MB HDD, 1024×768 screen resolution, VST/AU 64-bit compatible audio host. AAX 64-bit operating system and DAW (PT 11 or higher).
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Caribou Bundle

Prime Studio Caribou Compressor

Caribou Compressor is a true stereo plug-in offering separately controllable compressor and limiter stages for left and right channels of your stereo signals. Set the harmonic distortion flavour by separately dialling the effect to taste for each channel using the input trim knob. Easily set up a true stereo compression or limiting effect by independently choosing ratio, threshold and recovery times in your DAWs stereo insert without being forced to use the same settings for left and right channels. So there is no need to set up two mono plug-in instances and a buss structure to achieve the same flexibility anymore.

Of course you can also just dial in the exact same settings if you need to by using the cross link function. Take advantage of separately switchable meters showing input, output, gain reduction and limiting levels to control your signals. Included is also a "Live" version which is lighter on CPU bypassing the harmonic distortion functionality and a "Zero Latency" version when used in your tracking setup.

Prime Studio Caribou Filter

When you need to clean your low and high frequency bands and just want to add some more character to your tracks by adding harmonic preamp distortion Prime Studio Caribou Filter is the right choice. Dial in class A style sixties preamp punchyness using the input trim knob and switching on the pre in function and your tracks will stand out.

Prime Studio Caribou Mix

Prime Studio Caribou Mix is a true stereo plug-in with separately controllable three-band equalization and low-cut filter and preamplifier capabilities. Adjust the harmonic distortion of the input and output amplifier stages separately by operating the pre-in and pre-out controls together with the input trim pots and faders to set the desired effect. Quickly create a stereo equalizer setting by adjusting levels and frequencies independently. With Prime Studio Caribou Mix, it is not necessary to set up two mono plug-in instances and a bus structure to achieve the same flexibility.

Of course, exactly the same settings can be selected when the Cross Link function is switched on. Do you want to change the phase per channel? Simply press the phase controls for the left or right channel. With two PPM displays you have the output level of your settings under control.

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