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Noise Removal / Restoration by accentize
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dxRevive is a versatile speech restoration plugin, dedicated to enriching the quality of various dialogue recordings. Unlike many other restoration plugins, dxRevive doesn't merely filter the signal. It goes beyond, identifying and reintegrating missing frequency components, yielding studio-like recordings from diverse source materials.

dxRevive comes in two versions, dxRevive Pro aimed at professionals needing best-in-class audio tools and dxRevive, a low-cost version offering the same powerful restoration engine but with a reduced feature set - ideal for content creators, video editors and podcasters.

Uses include:

  • Noise removal.
  • Reverb suppression.
  • Restoration of absent frequencies.
  • Elimination of Codec Artifacts (e.g., from Skype or Zoom recordings).
  • Recovery of clipped audio.
  • Application of spectral corrections.
  • Restoration of band-limited audio like phone call recordings.
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Reviewed By Ivellios [all]
March 7th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on Windows

This plugin is absolute must-have for every podcast creator. No matter if you record in a proffesional studio or you use a cheap smartphone, DxRevive helps not only to solve issues such as pops, noises and all that stuff, but it also enhances your voice sound greatly. It does miracles even with such low quality materials like recordings of phone conversations. If you ever used Adobe's Podcast Enhancer, DxRevive does the same job - but much, MUCH better, and it gives you much more control over the quality of the output.

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