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Warped Strings

Warped Strings for Alchemy
What is it?
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System Requirements
Full version of Alchemy. It does not work with the Alchemy player version.
System Requirements
Full version of Alchemy. It does not work with the Alchemy player version.
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No License Required
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Warped Strings

The soundset Warped Strings for Alchemy is the second in a series focussing on specific materials and single instruments. For this soundset an acoustic Western Guitar was multisampled, treating it with all sorts of tools to create unique sounding real and unreal instruments, otherworldly textures, groovy sequences, beautiful and dark soundscapes and cinematic pad sounds. Multiple velocity layers and Round Robin variations were produced for the creation of expressive and organic sounding instruments.

All samples were recorded with 3 Neumann microphones and processed with native and outboard gear, to make the best out of the recorded audio material. A wide variety of electronic textures derived form the recorded guitar sounds were produced and often combined with the original samples and sounds resynthed inside Alchemy.

As in all my soundsets for Alchemy I make extensive use of Alchemy's complex modulation possibilities and Filters, often intermodulating LFOs/MSEGs/Sequencers with each other and assigning numerous parameters to a single Controller. This enables the user to deeply interact with the sounds and shape it according to his needs and preferences. Also the patches can serve as a starting point for the user's own creations when loading new samples into them and then using the pre-assigned Controllers and Snapshots in the Remix Pad. You can view/download the PDF for Warped Strings with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and description for each patch here.

Warped Strings Specs::

  • 1.59 GB of original samples - source material:
  • Plucked Guitar using various objects like coins, screwdrivers.
  • Tremolo Guitar.
  • Beaten Guitar using drumsticks and mallets.
  • Scraped Guitar using various metal objects for scraping the strings.
  • Prepared guitar.
  • Bowed Guitar - bowing the strings with a violin bow.
  • Chimed Guitar - playing on the strings with the metal beam of some small windchimes.
  • Flagolet Guitar.
  • Trash Guitar.
  • Slapped Guitar.
  • Guitar loops.

All samples recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R - 48 kHz/24-bit
U87 center mic - a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R using RME Preamps:

  • Delivery: Download.
  • Library size in total: 1.61 Gigabyte.
  • Download size: 1.04 Gigabyte.
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