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Loop Slicer plugin Initial Slice
What is it?
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Windows 7 or above
System Requirements
Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) or above
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Initial Slice

Loop Slicer

Initial Slice is a loop slicer and beat making plugin. Load audio loops via drag and drop to slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. Slice also comes with multiple built in piano rolls so you can create sequences right in the box. On top of this we have an advanced drum sequencer, bass sequencer, playlist editor, 4 effect racks (each with 11 built in effects) and lots of top quality content.

Producers from all across the globe came together to built a massive library of over 300 melodic trap, hiphop, drill and RnB loops, drum patterns and beat starters.

Over 300 royalty free Loops

Initial Slice comes with over 300 loops and over 300 beat starters, as well as over 160 drum samples. We have prepared a demo beat for every loop in Slice, easily selected by clicking the "Beat" button that comes next to every preset in the Library window. This makes it a perfect plugin for producers looking for new content and ideas to inspire their next song.

We also designed Slice with content creators in mind. We added lots of features that help with making unique content that stands out. These features enable creators to quickly make a demo beat faster than ever before, really showing off their content to full effect.

Create your own Libraries, drum patterns and beat starters and share them with others or even sell them online. Slice saves all samples and drum sounds you use into the project file, users don't have to deal with files and folders but can simply load new content via drag and drop.

Time Stretch and pitch shifting

Slice is powered by Zynaptics Artificial Intelligence-driven time-stretch algorithm ZTX which is one of the best the world has yet to offer and can handle multitimbral audio like no other.

Loaded as plugin in your DAW everything will be in sync and always fit to the set tempo of your digital audio workstation of choice.

Slice is a high-quality, easy to use tool for music producers as well as a great platform for content creators to share content with other music producers all across the globe.


  • Over 300 royalty free factory samples including beat starters and drum patterns.
  • Main Editor which lets you slice, time stretch, pitch shift, loop, reverse and gate your samples.
  • 3 effect racks and 1 master rack.
  • Built in Slice sequencer allowing you to program slice patterns.
  • Built in advanced Drum Sequencer.
  • Built in Bass Sequencer / Sample Player.
  • Built in Playlist allowing you to create quick arrangements.
  • Built in Sample Library allowing you to access your drum kits and sample packs in the box.
  • Multi output plugin version. FX racks 1,2 and 3 have there own outputs so you can also add your own effects in your DAW.
  • Bounce the playlist to WAV file.
  • Easily drag and drop audio files in and out of Slice.
  • Recommended system requirements:
  • 4 Core CPU.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • 64-bit VST or AU compatible Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Give the free demo a try to make sure the plugin performs well on your system before you purchase a license.

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Initial Slice

Reviewed By obo [all]
September 17th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.1.6 on Mac

This sampler, slicer, mini arranger, workflow clarifier is my favorite purchase of 2021 thus far. I'm not proud to say this but I buy way too many plugins, this is the one I can see myself getting more mileage out of than most. It's intuitive, easy to use and for me anyway, it dramatically helps cut back on distractions to allow me to find that beautiful space we all love but can sometimes struggle to find... That space where you're being creative, having fun while also making rapid FORWARD progress. I'm very good at having fun and pretty creative, but I struggle with the forward progress piece a lot. There are just so many different sounds and Fx to try, it's very easy for me to get caught up in little details without ever going anywhere.

This plugin has helped me with all this immensely. I downloaded a trial and ended up waiting quite a while to purchase it but should have grabbed it sooner. Highly recommend. 5 solid stars.

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