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YamaTube - Pro

YamaTube - Pro
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Intel based PC, 32/64-bits, Windows 10 or later,
System Requirements
Intel based Mac, 64-bits (Intel et M1 optimized), OS X 10.12 or later,
System Requirements
Ubuntu Studio 22 or AV Linux MX-21
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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YamaTube - Pro

Add Warmness, Density & Loudness To Your Sound

YAMATUBE proposes a modern emulation of the famous Peter Baxandall equalizer combined with a special analog tubes circuit: It makes tracks sound richer, bigger & punchier.

Pro Version Features:

  • Increase sound details with a special 4 bands shelves equalizer (Presence, Lo-Air, Edge, Brilliance).
  • Color your mix using 2 analog tubes (sweet to saturation) combined in parallel.
  • Preserve overall details & punch without adding distortion artefacts (Automatic Soft Limiter) while increasing overall sound level.
  • Amplify the output post limiter (MAKE UP) close to 0 dB, very useful to maximize loudness.
  • High Sound definition (oversampling x8).
  • Around 20 pre-defined presets included.

NEW in VERSION 1.2 (23rd July 2023):

  • The sound level was drastically going down at high samplerate, corrected : you go try up to 380K.
  • We optimized the CPU consommation.
  • We also added a MIX knob.
  • We added an OVERSAMPLING Mode : No oversampling, oversampling X2, X4 and X8 !

{See video at top of page}

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